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Frank Bieven, designer of well-being and sustainable development


To carry out the design of its new range of TEQOYA products, TEQOYA collaborated with Frenchman Frank Bieven. Frank is graduate of the National School of Applied Arts and Crafts, an iconic design school in France. His end-of-year diploma is already dedicated to environmental protection and for this reason he attracts the attention of the jury and the French Institute of Design which nominates him for the Janus prize..

He created sofas and tables for Roche-Bobois and equipment for Téfal. Then he turns to the passenger compartment while interior comfort becomes a major issue for manufacturers. He collaborates in particular with brands such as BMW, Jaguar, Land-Rover, Renault-Nissan and Citroën-DS.

Working today as artistic director of an international equipment supplier, he works in particular on the energy and digital transition of the automotive product. Then he opens a parallel activity of Interior Design to design living spaces based on well-being and high quality for individuals and businesses, furniture or products related to interior comfort such as the TEQOYA range, in a spirit that is increasingly concerned with sustainable development.

Frank Bieven explains to us what led him to collaborate with TEQOYA:

« When Teqoya contacted me I already knew its products through the press and I understood the successful optimization they had given to the air purification function compared to the competition, namely to do without an engine and a consumable filter generating waste and over-consumption, harmful to the planet. »

« On the other hand I regretted that this distinction does not show sufficiently in the identity of the products and I was therefore immediately seduced by the collaboration proposal. »

How has Frank thaught about the TEQOYA range design?


« The identity of the products was the guiding principle, and our creativity sessions with Pierre Guitton enabled us to understand that we had to get out of the product synonymous with HiFi value, or the white or aluminum product synonymous. the world of home appliances and air conditioning. All evocative of technologies from the "old world" that waste non-renewable resources. Household appliances each of which typically seeks to hide the presence of closets or separate rooms. »

« We had to design an interior product with a “friendly” aesthetic, which assumes its technology without sounding like a machine, by bringing in particular the use of a reasoned exploitation wood, which should be the TEQOYA's guiding principle in the future, in harmony with its brand name and its convictions. TEQOYA demonstrates technology through these impressive tests, but plays the card of reason both in its aesthetics as in its low power consumption, its simplicity of operation and the absence of consumables. »

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