Frédéric Morand (en)

I bought a first TIP9 after a close friend promised me a healthier air. I set it up in the bedroom. After a few days and imperceptibly, my partner and I were surprised to wake up every morning with the feeling of having spent a night of very refreshing sleep. In the euphoria of this new well-being, we bought 2 more ionisers: a TIP9 that we set up in the children’s room and a TIP24 for our large living room.
A story tells it all: last summer, we unplugged all 3 devices before we left for a vacation. I can assure you that we felt the difference when we came back! The air was contaminated. It was stale and it smelled like the polluted air that people who have spent time in the country side can smell as soon as they get back in the city. Unplugging our ionisers is now out of the question, except to take them with us if we move out!