Yuan (en)

We purchased this unit there are now six months, first because my husband has a chronic pharyngitis and suffers from strong coughing during the New Year period. He returned after a business trip and started coughing very strong. We finally had to conclude that the cause of pollution, so we decide to buy an air purifier. There are many brands of air purifiers, which to choose? After discussion with a friend, we found this little device, the Teqoya TIP9. We immediately bought after reading its description. Arriving in France in less than two weeks, my first impression was that it is much like a pregnant, the operation was also very simple, we were skeptical at first, it is this device efficient? In my imagination a high-tech product should be more sophisticated. After connected, a green light is on and you do not feel anything, except for a slight noise coming from inside the unit.
Upon entering the room the second day, I was amazed, I usually open the windows to air out the smell of the room, but today I did not feel anything. Sometimes my husband comes home after drinking a lot of alcohol and we have nothing felt the next day, Is really a psychological effect?