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Unicorners : a TEQOYA showroom in the heart of Paris

With its new partner Unicorners, TEQOYA opens its first showroom in the very heart of Paris. In this fashionable coworking space, everyone can discover our range of air purifiers and its large selection of colours.


To breathe cleaner air, Unicorners is the place to be !

To breathe cleaner air, Unicorners is the place to be: the best of both coffee shop and coworking, in a single formula ! The first floor is The Open Jungle : an adequate workplace with a friendly atmosphere ideal for both creativity and relaxation. There are a meeting area and even a classroom downstairs.


Since the installation of TEQOYA air ionizers, air pollution is no longer an issue : the atmosphere is both relaxed and healthy. A green face appears on the left part of the air quality sensor, a sure sign that indoor air is clean : you can breathe in without concern.


The TEQOYA air ionizers go perfectly with the modern, aesthetically shaped design of Unicorners. In addition to sanitizing the interior, TEQOYA decorates it. There is something for every taste! Tip9 is declined in several sparkling colors : orange, grey, blue, pink, black. Tip24 is there as well, with its ceiling version, that is such a success in professional spaces. So, what are you waiting for to come and visit us ?

See our product in action

Come and discover our air purifiers at our partner:

67 rue Beaubourg
75003 PARIS

See you soon!

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