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Why equip yourself with a car air purifier?

Traffic jams put our nerves to the test. Even worse, traffic jams not only worsen our emotions, but also cause health problems due to the pollution they cause and which enter the passenger’s compartment. What solutions to fight automobile pollution on the road and in our car? A new generation of ionizer from TEQOYA, soon to be essential in your vehicles.

Pollution worsens stress and anxiety in traffic jams! Why ?

In a traffic jam, do you feel the rush of anger coming from driving and braking every twenty seconds? To keep your cool, you open your car window and try a little breathing exercise, but there is no healthy air outside. On the contrary, car exhaust fumes severely irritate your nose, throat and eyes. Finally, you don't feel more relaxed, on the contrary, even more anxious, why ?

The link between an individual and his environment is not new. It can be the living environment, but also the context related to the environment in the more general sense: the air we breathe for example Air pollution doesn't just affect physical health Martina Benazzi, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist in social assistance for children in Seine-Saint-Denis, specifies: "Some studies show us a positive correlation between pollutants and psychological disorders ...".

Purificateur d'air voiture TEQOYA Nomad

A Nowadays, in addition to the negative consequences linked to pollution and its fine particles on our physical state, in particular for our respiratory and vascular systems (according to studies by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences as well as universities in Beijing and Shanghai), pollution would indirectly be bad for moral. In major Chinese cities, they observed that the mood of residents fluctuated with peaks in fine particle pollution. These studies show that pollution would also act negatively on our mental balance.

Exposure to high concentrations of exhaust gases results in signs of eye or respiratory tract irritation. At the same time, when these fine particles are integrated into the body, they tend to generate or accentuate oxidative stress, which would promote the decrease in cognitive capacities and reduce the capacity for memory and concentration.

In the end, these physiological adverse effects caused by inhaling polluted air will eventually be transmitted to our brain through neural signals, causing emotional adverse reactions. It is ultimately no great surprise that we see that the most polluted places promote more unease and depression.

Exhaust fumes get inside your own car

Traffic jams and pollution : a risk for motorists

Traffic jams mean that we spend more time in the car than expected, which means that we are exposed to more polluted air and for a longer duration.

During traffic jams, motorists are surrounded by cars whose exhaust gases are continuously released. These gases are a cocktail of dangerous pollutants made up of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and ozone (O3). Exposure to high concentrations of exhaust gases causes signs of eye or respiratory tract irritation, in the long term they can cause asthma and cause severe and permanent structural damage to the lungs.

Purificateur d'air voiture TEQOYA Nomad

A study published in the journal Environmental Science Processes & Impacts found that the pollution level was seven times higher inside a car stuck in traffic with the windows open than in pedestrians standing at an intersection. Indoor pollution in a car stuck in heavy traffic is up to 40% higher than when the traffic is flowing.

Overexposure to pollutants in the vehicle interior

Contrary to what one might think, a car, even with closed windows, accumulates pollution. According to a study, the air inside the car is up to 4 times more polluted than the air outside,, because the latter absorbs emissions from surrounding vehicles and recirculates them. Researchers from the National Institute for Health and Medical Research (Inserm) have shown that nearly half of the pollutants inside cars come from vehicles in front of them, especially if these vehicles are major polluters, such as diesel trucks. Thus, the car, far from protecting its passengers from pollution, prevents pollutants from being evacuated: Pollution tends to accumulate in vehicles.

Purificateur d'air voiture TEQOYA Nomad

The weather and the pollution concentrations are the two parameters of your exhibition. Source : Airparif

In conclusion, the interior of your car particularly exposes you to automobile pollution, in traffic jams but also on the road. We must no longer underestimate the dangers of air pollution inside the car which threatens our health, especially for children and sensitive people.

What are the pollutants inside vehicles? Inside the passenger compartment, nitrogen dioxide (NO2), fine particles and benzene are the main pollutants:

  • Nitrogen dioxide, a very irritating gas, promotes the development of respiratory problems and cardiovascular diseases.
  • The particles can irritate the respiratory tract and impair cardio-respiratory functions. Some are carcinogenic.
  • Benzene causes the growth of leukemia.

The TEQOYA Nomad car air purifier: enjoy clean air during your journey.

How to remedy this problem and restore healthy and clean air to protect your health and that of your passengers?

TEQOYA has been interested in the respiratory health of drivers for a long time, we are constantly improving our purification technology to provide you with clean air in your vehicle. Our car air purifiers are tested and approved by the Carcept Prev Foundation (Klesia Group), a road haulage mutual.

Thus, we are proud to present our new generation of car air ionizer, the TEQOYA Nomad.

Purificateur d'air voiture TEQOYA Nomad

We define it as a car air purifier that accompanies you on your travels and creates a bubble of pure air around you. The new TEQOYA Nomad differs from our previous Tip4 model:

  • It is not only for car, but also suitable for office and travel
  • It is more efficient and powerful, producing 50% more negative ions.
  • The device is easily attached to the ventilation grid with a support provided and plugs into the USB port of your vehicle.
  • The weight of Nomad is only a quarter of that of Tip4, it is easily transportable and usable wherever you are.

Purificateur d'air voiture TEQOYA Nomad

For this third opus of the TEQOYA collection we have adapted the identity of the home products to the car interior. We have favoured discretion so as not to burden the driving space. This was achieved by opting for a suspended product and black. Also thanks to a significant miniaturisation of the electronics, which nevertheless allows TEQOYA ionisers to maintain the difference in efficiency of TEQOYA ionisers compared to competing products. Moreover, its positioning as close as possible to the arrivals of cabin air allows for the best possible efficiency. In addition, we wanted a nomadic product that could also be used on a workstation, so we created a small wooden support in the spirit of the legs that are characteristic of TEQOYA models for the home. A system of magnetisation makes it easy to switch from one use to another, with a product that is both simple and qualitative.

Frank Bieven, wellness and sustainable development designer

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