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Purify your medical practices with TEQOYA air ionizers

Air quality in buildings : a public health issue

  • The consequences of pollution on health: eye and throat irritations, fatigue, stress, difficulty concentrating, migraine, asthma, bacterial and viral contamination, respiratory problems and even cardiovascular diseases.
  • 9% of deaths in France are attributable to air pollution (Source: ADEME). In Europe, approximately 100,000 deaths per year are linked to indoor air pollution (Source: OECD, WHO).

The doctor's office, a place to be purified as a priority 

Health professionals should control airborne microbiological contamination in their offices. This is what the OpinionWay survey conducted in February 2018 for TEQOYA indicates. In it, the French express their concern about the air quality in waiting and consultation rooms in doctors' surgeries.

Waiting rooms are confined spaces where, by their very nature, infections are numerous.. The air - laden with bacteria, viruses, and other fungi - favours contamination. This risk of contamination is all the greater when patients are immunocompromised and weakened. The transmission of infectious agents also occurs in the consulting rooms, where patients follow one another in rapid succession.

In paediatric practices, many parents are concerned about the risk of their child being in the waiting room. Will he or she contract an illness that he or she didn't have when they arrived? They may expect special care worn to the air their child breathes.

In a pneumology or otorhinolaryngology practice, patients, often people whose respiratory systems are fragile and prone to infections, are also very sensitive to this issue.

Air quality is finally a major issue in osteopathic and physiotherapy practices. Indeed, the human body, when handled, releases a lot of dead skin, germs, bacteria, and unwanted odors.

Improve your working and hygienic conditions with a TEQOYA air purifier.

TEQOYA air purifiers are particularly adapted to the purification of the air of the medical practice :

  • They effectively combat body odour and odour from cleaning products.
  • They neutralize particles of all sizes, even the most toxic ones..
  • They are effective against airborne germs, viruses and bacteria, reducing the risk of infection.
  • They are safe : they do not produce any oxidizing gases.

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Why choose a TEQOYA air purifier rather than a traditional filter air purifier ?

  • TEQOYA air purifiers are filterless and therefore extremely discreet: the doctor and his patients are not bothered by noise or draughts.
  • The absence of filters ensures easy maintenance: no change of parts is required; no worries about purchasing and availability of these consumables from distributors
  • TEQOYA air purifiers are eco-responsible: their lifespan, their ultra-low energy consumption (2 Watts), and their absence of consumables ensure an unbeatable ecological footprint.
  • Monthly dedusting of the ion optics of the air purifier, which can easily be carried out by maintenance personnel, ensures optimum performance.

Negative ions benefit our well-being

The TEQOYA innovation is based on air ionization, a natural phenomenon known since the end of the 19th century. The richer an air is in negative ions, the less it is polluted in particles.

In an urban environment, especially inside buildings, the air lacks negative ions. This results in various disorders, ranging from simple discomfort to the appearance of pathologies, and grouped under the name of Building Syndrome. Unhealthy (SBM).

TEQOYA air purifiers restore the ionic balance of the air by enriching it with negative ions. Up to 4 meters from a TEQOYA ionizer, you will find the concentration of negative ions typical of a forest or a waterfall. The concentration in airborne particles and microorganisms is significantly reduced.

Concerned about the air quality of your practice?

TEQOYA offers a very simple solution of use that will be forgotten while protecting you and your patients.
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