TEQOYA is a French company creating smart solutions to purify and monitor air quality at home

Our technology is based on negative ionisation and has been developped and continuously improved over more than 15 years to achieve the best ioniser available today on the market: both powerful and completely ozone-free.

And it is all made in France to fully control the production process and the quality at each step.

But we are willing to do more: give the control and knowledge to the customer.

We are working hard to provide people the means to control how the ionisers behave in their home and how they impact their health.

Nomen est omen

Cicero said that the name speaks for itself. The proof ? TEQOYA. We choose the name "TEQOYA" because it blends tech and nature notions and evokes clean air. "TEQOYA" and "The air which brings health" are pronounced in the same way in Chinese. TEQOYA purifies the air we breath thanks to its Tip and Sequoia purifies it thanks to its needles.

TEQOYA compagny

TEQOYA’s story

In 2014, TEQOYA embarked on a mission to provide clean air while respecting the environment. Two years and two patents later, we introduced our first range of ionizers, made in France. Our air purifiers, made to run continuously and silently, that have no filters to replace, have endeared the Chinese.

Let's build a healthy and safe environment for our families

Beyond the problem of atmospheric pollution, awareness is growing about the fact that indoor air is 10 times more polluted than the air outside as micro-particles (< 2.5 microns) are not eliminated by classical ventilation systems.

Various studies around the world have evidenced that breathing a polluted air, and especially the air we breathe indoor, where we spend 90 % of our time (we breathe in 200 000 l / day) takes micro and nano particles deep into the lungs and blood, causing health problems ranging from bad sleep, fatigue, headaches, nausea, allergies to more serious heart, vascular or respiratory diseases.

At TEQOYA, our conviction is that pure air is a universal right and that any air purifying solution should therefore be as smart as possible : simple and sustainable.

TEQOYA offers healthy air in a way adapted to our everyday life

TEQOYA aims to offer smart, easy-to-live with and sustainable solutions to improve the air quality at home. Our mindset:

  • address real issues for people,
  • question standard options,
  • think broadly - do not sacrifice any aspect of your lifestyle and above all, our environment, to the success of the air sanitizing function.

We engage into a trust-based relation with our customers. We believe people are smart and will help us further improve. We are willing to share experience with you to improve our products.

We engage into strong partnerships with R&T labs and innovative companies to build smart solutions for the future.

We believe in the value of the “control and improve” dynamics: let people know if and when they need air cleaning, let them check the reliability of their systems, openly and reliably, share knowledge about air quality and efficiency of solutions on the market.

We aim at building a product range to achieve this value proposition, relying on product design and technology partnerships. Our first product is an ioniser because for us, it is THE obvious smart solution for air quality improvement at home.

Our values


  • We offer efficient products and only promise what they can actually deliver, not more


  • We share knowledge on the product impacts and efficiency and work hard to provide customers with the tools to check by themselves the efficiency of the product they use, or just to check that they really need to clean their air


  • Low Power is a must. Use as little energy as possible to avoid worsening environmental issues due to energy production
  • No planned obsolescence. Our products are built to last for years for the same reasons cited above
  • No consommable that become wastes and further worsen environment pollution issues

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