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French Tech Tour China: a very positive market assessment for TEQOYA

In October, we announced you that TEQOYA had been selected to participate in the French Tech Tour China organized by Business France and BPI France. TEQOYA founders are just back from this two-weeks trip in the 4 main Chinese high-tech and business centers, and they are very pleased with the contacts they made!

China, a key market

TEQOYA, which had been selected by a distinguished panel from the world of innovation, flied to China on 23 October. The objective was to seize the opportunities the Chinese market offers. China is one of the most dynamic ITC markets, with 690 million internet users, and individuals interested in protecting themselves from air pollution. TEQOYA has reaped the benefits from this program.


The TEQOYA air ionization, an air purification solution attractive to chinese consumers and distributors

Chinese consumers and resellers are knowledgeable about air purification. TEQOYA solution proved to be attractive to them, because of its efficiency, its ease of use and its eco-friendliness. Pierre Guitton, co-founder of TEQOYA, confirms it: "This trip has enabled us to build positions in order to benefit from the huge potential offered by this market in the coming months. We have entered into agreements with 3 distributors, and 8 others are under discussion. The TEQOYA ionizers will be soon for sale in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong-Kong and Shenzhen. They will be available on the biggest Chinese e-commerce platforms: Tmall, Taobao, and JD. In addition, discussions with technology leaders, investors and smart-city operators may open up new development prospects."

TEQOYA has paved the way to sales acceleration next year!

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