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Purify the air and offer well-being and relaxation to your customers

Air quality for a better customer experience

  • For 86% of French people, air pollution is the main daily nuisance (source: Megacities Institute 2017)
  • 85% of them are concerned about its long-term effects, whether they live in Paris or the rest of the country
  • 46% of Parisians suffer "a lot" from air pollution compared to 38% of Ile-de-France residents and 30% of provincial residents

Neutralize up to 99% of particles, bio-contaminants and allergens

Fine particles




TEQOYA ionizers are adapted to the needs of companies!

0 filter

Without consumables
No operating and maintenance costs

0 dB

Totally silent
No draught

2 W

Energy saving
Light consumption less than one lamp

24h / 7d

Continuous air purification

0,01 µm

Effective against all particle sizes including ultrafine particles


Ozone free guarantee
No additional pollutant emissions

Ionize the air to offer well-being, calm and relaxation to your customers and visitors

Since the end of January, Air France customers have been enjoying the benefits of TEQOYA air purifiers in 3 areas of the new Business Lounge in Hall L of the T2 of Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport: the Instant Relaxation, the Club and the Petit Salon.

They trust us, why not you?

Negative ions benefit our well-being

TEQOYA innovation is based on air ionization, a natural phenomenon known since the end of the 19th century. The more negative ions an air is rich in, the less particulate it is polluted.

In urban environments, and particularly inside buildings, air lacks negative ions. This results in different disorders, ranging from simple discomfort to the appearance of pathologies, and grouped under the name of Building Syndrome Unhealthy (SBM).

TEQOYA air purifiers restore the ionic balance of the air by enriching it with negative ions. At 1 or 2 meters from a TEQOYA ionizer, we find the concentration of negative ions typical of a forest or a waterfall. The concentration into particles and microorganisms present in the air is significantly reduced.

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