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Purchase a TEQOYA air purifier and make sure your home air is as safe as possible!

Would you like to measure and improve your indoor air quality?

GThanks to the mobile air quality monitor Kaiterra Laser Egg, you will be able to measure your indoor air quality and witness the effectiveness of your TEQOYA air purifier!

To learn more about the Kaiterra Laser Egg, click here.

Laser Egg Kaiterra

Out of stock - Available soon

Measure your home air with the Kaiterra Laser Egg air quality monitor.*

Laser Egg Kaiterra

Air quality monitor €149 incl. tax.

For the purchase of a Tip9 on our website, we offer you an air quality monitor for only €31 instead of €149.*

Offre Laser Egg Kaiterra Tip9

Tip9 + air quality monitor = €459 incl. tax.

For the purchase of a Tip24, the air quality monitor is free.*

Offre Laser Egg Kaiterra Tip24

Tip24 + air quality monitor = €769 incl. tax.

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