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A new test report proves TEQOYA ionizers safety

It is often said that an air ionizer can emit hazardous chemicals, mainly oxidants.

The first of them is of course ozone, but a high ionization level of the air can trigger other oxidants emission, such as nitrogen oxides. And it is true that many ioniseurs increase the oxidant potential of the air, as shows the fact that the emit ozone (that we can smell).

To remove any doubt on its own products and go beyond ozone measurements already published, TEQOYA has subjected its products to the laboratory test the most adapted to settle the question: EPR, for Electron Paramagnetic Resonance. The well-known measurement method has the ability to detect the smallest quantities of any oxidant chemical. And because we want our customers to feel safe with a TEQOYA ionizer right beside their pillow, EPR measurement was performed on air sampled as close as 5cm from the ionizer needles.

The TEQOYA team is proud to disclose this test report which concludes that our products are perfectly safe: measurements are identical to the ones of fresh healthy air.


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