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Keep it close by you
TEQOYA Tip9 air ioniser

TEQOYA Tip9 air ioniser

Keep it close by you

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The perfect pillow companion

Amélioration du sommeil avec le ioniseur d'air Tip9

Extra-silent, it can be set up on a night table or on occasional table next to the bed to enjoy the benefits of negative ions even more.

Take pure air with you everywhere: light and compact, it goes with you anywhere on your private or professional travels. It fits easily in a carry-on.

  • Continuous air purification for rooms of 15 m2 surface area and wellness usage for rooms of 30 m2 surface area.
  • 140,000 negative ions per cubic centimer a meter away from the device (measured in laboratory conditions).

TEQOYA Tip9 air ioniser helps to combat:

Fine particles



Pet allergens



Position your TEQOYA Tip9 air ioniser

Negative ions attract particles to surfaces : it is their functioning principle and it prove their effectiveness in removing particles from the air.

For optimal performance, keep a minimum 20 cm distance to the closest wall. By keeping this minimum distance, you will limit particle deposits and the risk of traces.

Position du purificateur d'air Tip9

Position du purificateur d'air Tip9

Indoor air is 5 to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air

Polluants de l'air intérieur

  • Consequences of pollution on health: eye and throat irritations, tiredness, stress, poor concentration, headaches, asthma, bacterial and viral infections, breathing troubles, even cardio-vascular diseases...
  • Around 100,000 deaths a year in Europe are linked to indoor air pollution (sources: OCDE, OMS). In the world, 12,5% of deaths are due to air pollution (source: OMS).

Purify your air naturally with the TEQOYA Tip9 air ioniser

Les ions négatifs dans la nature

Tip9 recreates the conditions of negative-ion production that exist in the purest areas of the earth. These negative ions act as natural cleansers. Tip9's intense production of negative ions (140,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter a meter away from the device) is simple and totally secure (certified ozone and free-radicals free by an independent laboratory).

As demonstrated in several sudies, purified, negative-ion rich air is beneficial to our health.

Features of your TEQOYA Tip9 air ioniser

Purificateur d'air ioniseur Tip9 sans ozone

Dimensions 18 cm x 12.5 cm x 11.5 cm
Weight 1.2 kg
Ionic optics 9
Negative ions production 140 000 per cm3 at 1m distance from the tips
Advised surface 152 for continuous air purification
30m2 for wellness usage
Power consumption 2 Watts
Power input 220 Volts
Noise level 0 dB
Certification CE CEM, security, ozone
Warranty 10 years
Pack content 1 ioniser
1 power cable
1 removable foot
1 user guide
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