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VIDEOS – See for yourself how the Tip9 works

The air pufiers TEQOYA use a phenomenon known as ionization. The negative ions emitted by our devices are attracted by the indoor air particles and charge them positively. We have made two videos so that you can see how the Tip9 works.

The glass experiment

We have filled a glass with cigarette smoke. Then, we have put this glass on the Tip9. The cigarette smoke has disappeared in thirty seconds.

The aquarium experiment

We have put the Tip9 in an aquarium filled with particulate pollutants. Then, we have measured the performances of the air purifier TEQOYA in this polluted environment. Thanks to the Tip9, the concentration of particles - PM1.0, PM2.5 and PM10 - hit a low in a few minutes.

These two experiments have proved once again the TEQOYA air purifiers efficiency.
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