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Healthy and eco-friendly air at the Athletes' Village

According to the Global Air Quality Guidelines (WHO), air pollution is the main environmental risk to health in the world. Aware of this major issue, SOLIDEO* has selected our new air filtration technology - e-filtration - to equip the Athletes' Village. Follow us, we'll tell you the details!

*The French company responsible for the delivery of the olympic buildings (Société de livraison des ouvrages olympiques)

The Athletes' Village, an emblematic real estate project built by SOLIDEO

SOLIDEO is responsible for the real estate projects of the upcoming Paris Games. More than 60 structures will be built, including the Athletes' Village, one of the most emblematic and ambitious.

Village des athlètes carte

Specially designed for the Games, the Village will host the athletes and their staff. The buildings of the Village are spread over 3 communes: Saint-Denis, Saint-Ouen-Sur-Seine, and Île-Saint-Denis. It consists of a sustainable real estate project. It relies on innovation and French know-how for the construction of offices, housing, and others.

Selected by SOLIDEO, our new air purification technology equips the athletes' housings! The total 1500 housings are equipped to protect the athletes from air pollution 24/7 while respecting the planet:

  • 150 in the student housing of the river eco-district with the PICHET-LEGENDRE project
  • 1350 in UNIVERSEINE housing with VINCI IMMOBILIER project

SOLIDEO Village des thalètes UNIVERSEINE


After the Games, SOLIDEO is responsible for the restructuring of all the event's structures. The housing in the Athletes' Village will be handed to the three municipalities. Thus, the inhabitants who will live there will in their turn be protected against pollution from the outside air!

Why is indoor air pollution an issue for SOLIDEO?

In Europe, the WHO estimates that about 600,000 deaths per year are linked to air pollution: 482,000 are due to outdoor air pollution and 117,200 to indoor air pollution.

According to Santé Publique France, each year nearly 40,000 deaths are attributable to exposure of people aged 30 and over to fine particles (PM2.5), i.e. 7% of the total mortality of the French population. Air pollution represents a major health risk factor in France.

The ANSP believes that the main health impact of indoor air pollution is due to daily exposure to average pollution levels rather than to peaks. Day-to-day exposure leads to chronic diseases: stroke, ischemic heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), lung cancer, and others.

Not to mention the economic impact: the total cost of air pollution (outdoor and indoor) is between 68 and 97 billion euros per year for France.

Thus, other than providing facilities for the Paris Games, SOLIDEO has made it a priority to protect athletes from air pollution, especially since the Athletes' Village is built next to a highway. To avoid the infiltration of this pollution into the athletes' housings, SOLIDEO chose a solution developed by TEQOYA and its partner the ALDES group, using our patented and eco-responsible technology: e-filtration.

What is TEQOYA's e-filtration technology?

True to TEQOYA's DNA, e-filtration offers a unique and eco-friendly alternative to standard air purification: high-performance, filter-free, energy-efficient, easy to use and maintain. It combines TEQOYA's know-how in a cleanable and reusable filter with unique performance.

Co-developed with the Aldes Group - our strategic partner and the French leader in air quality in the construction sector -, e-filtration makes it possible to efficiently filter air through traditional mechanical ventilation systems, thanks to the solutions now launched on the market by the ALDES Group:

    “The ALDES prescription team had the opportunity to advise filtering air inlets included in an EHT2 EFT2 facade air inlet system to two of our customers, PICHET and VINCI IMMOBILIER, to equip the groups of buildings intended to house the athletes in 2024. The main concern of the clients was to install an efficient ventilation system that guarantees optimal indoor air quality, in compliance with the SOLIDEO requirements, while being compatible, in terms of ease of installation, cost, and use, with the two phases of use of the housing: the Games phase and the inheritance phase.

    Air inlets using TEQOYA technology were an ideal choice for this project because they provide effective control of outdoor pollutants while remaining simple to install and use. Costs were also kept under control by using the single flow system. The solutions are currently in the integration phase and we are confident that the results will meet our expectations. We are confident that these air inlets will be an asset in ensuring optimal indoor air quality for athletes and future users."

    - Michel Bénard, Directeur de Marché Résidentiel chez ALDES

entrée d'air installée au Village des athètes

entrée d'air installée au Village des athlètes

Selected by SOLIDEO, the EHT2 EFT2 air inlets are installed in all athletes' housings. These air inlets guarantee renewed air, free of outdoor air pollutants:

  • the polluted outside air is sucked inside the housing, following the principle of classic CMV
  • as it passes through the air inlet, particles are captured by TEQOYA's e-filtration system
  • finally, the air enters the dwelling, up to 90% free of particles, bacteria, pollens, and allergens!

TEQOYA E500, the technology selected by the SOLIDEO in your home

Specially designed for living spaces, our new air purifier TEQOYA E500 allows you to breathe healthy, eco-friendly air 24/7.

Purificateur d'air ALNA sans filtre

TEQOYA E500 is the first application of our new patented e-filtration technology. Its cleanable and reusable filter combines air ionization and electrofiltration to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) with optimal efficiency and ease of use:

  • healthy and eco-friendly air in living spaces
  • up to 99.9% of ultra-fine particles and germs are eliminated
  • with very low power consumption (maximum 10 Watts or less than 20€ per year)
  • a very quite fan (25 dB - 45 dB)
  • a cleanable and reusable filter
  • a long life span (5-year warranty)
  • and simple of use!

Purificateur d'air ALNA sans filtre

With its sleek and compact design, TEQOYA E500} can be installed in two ways (wall-mounted or free-standing) and is thus adaptable to different living spaces exposed to air pollution: homes, businesses, hospitals, schools...

SEVERAL small air purifiers are better than ONE large unit!

According to Harvard University and University of Colorado researchers (2021), it is more effective to install several small air purifiers than one large one.. This thesis has been verified by the ALDES group through numerical modeling using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). These calculations quantify the removal of aerosols emitted by a person infected with a virus. Their results show that three TEQOYA E500 eliminate aerosols more efficiently than a single large air purifier pushing a higher airflow!

test technologie teqoya

Purificateur d'air ALNA sans filtre test

Read: "Air quality in classrooms: the new air purifier TEQOYA E500 proves its efficiency for back-to-school".

Finally, beyond the modern aesthetics and high-performance, TEQOYA E500 is a low-carbon air purifier. It's designed and manufactured in France, and thus respects our ambitions in terms of environmental excellence: to ensure the healthy air quality in low-carbon buildings.

Enjoy the e-filtration technology as the athletes! Click here to find out more about TEQOYA E500.


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