How to place his Tip9 air ioniser?

A TEQOYA Tip9 ioniser diffuses in the air the same negative ions that exist in large numbers in the purest areas of the earth. These negative ions act as natural cleansing agents and help you build a healthy environment for you and your loved ones. You will find here some recommendations regarding the positioning of your ioniser.

Place your ioniser nearby

The TEQOYA Tip9 air ioniser is particularly suitable for proximity use.


  • To breathe a healthy air at night, place your ioniser near your pillow, for example on the bedside table


  • To work serenely, install your air purifier on your desk


  • To neutralise bad smells in your kitchen, place your device on a shelf or worktop

The Tip24 is ideal for purifying large spaces, where your family and you enjoy spending time. It is easy to integrate into conviviality or reception spaces.

Place it at least 50 cm away from the nearest wall

The Tip9 diffuses ions into the volume of the room. For optimal diffusion, we recommend placing it in "open space", with the diffusing tips of the front face oriented towards the main space of the room: avoid putting the ioniser facing another object or surface. Also, avoid placing it near a metallic  object or surface.

Negative ions attract particles to surfaces. Avoid as much as possible placing the Tip9 on the floor or too close to the walls. For better efficiency, we recommend using the ioniser with its foot at a distance of at least 50 cm from the nearest wall.



Concerning the Tip24, the recommended distance is at least 80 cm.

There is absolutely no danger

You may notice a thin layer of dust around your air ioniser after a few weeks or months depending on the pollution level of the area where you live. Electrostatically bonded to the walls, they do not constitute a danger to your health. We recommend that you dispose of them when you do your usual cleaning.


Once your ioniser is placed, we advise you to let it works continuously. Its low energy consumption and high reliability are made for this! And this is how it is most effective.