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Indoor Air conference – the report

I spent 4 stimulating days at Indoor Air 2016 conference. This conference is a biennial event on research in the field of IAQ (indoor air quality) gathering most of the international community (labs, companies, public agencies, etc.).

Air pollution is such a complex field that it convokes many different knowledge fields, from sociology to chemistry. These aspects are addressed during the conference, in many simultaneous sessions. Hundreds of recent research results are presented. Following up everything is impossible. So do not consider the following lines as a complete and reliable report of the whole knowledge presented and discussed at IA2016. Rather some ideas of special interest to me, among many other important ideas, sometimes courageous as the one you can read on the picture below !


4 key lessons learned from the Indoor Air conference :

  • Indoor air cleaning must be energy-efficient. China and European Union strongly support this requirement.
  • Current air cleaning technologies are questioned. Gas filtration is not mature yet.
  • Particles are still considered the most prominent pollutant. And measuring PM2.5 is not enough to assess indoor air pollution.
  • SVOC (semi-volatile organic compounds) are the new research focus among indoor air pollutants. And particles play an important role in SVOC pollution.

If you want to know more, you can have a look to my 8-pages report here.

Pierre Guitton

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