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Air quality solutions for Businesses

Air Quality, Workplace Well-being and Productivity

The office is the second place where the French live, after housing: we spend 7 to 8 hours a day there. The air we breathe is 5 to 10 times more polluted than outside.

Poor air quality is detrimental to well-being and productivity :

  • Air pollution can reduce work productivity by 10-15% during periods of heavy pollution.
  • It can be the cause of many illnesses (fatigue, dizziness, headaches, asthma, allergies, cancer...) and encourage absenteeism, linked to sick leave.
  • It can impair the cognitive performance of employees.

Le purificateur d'air lutte jusqu'à 99% des particules, bactéries et allergènes

Lutter contre la pollution urbaine aux particules fines

Fine particles

Lutter contre le pollen et les allergies


Lutter contre les bactéries et les virus


Lutter contre les allergies aux moisissures


Improve your working and hygiene conditions with our eco-friendly TEQOYA air purifiers.

Do you represent a company that is committed to or wishes to engage in an active CSR approach on the theme of well-being at work? TEQOYA air purifiers are an asset :

  • They effectively combat body odour and odour from cleaning products.
  • They neutralize particles of all sizes, down to the most toxic....
  • They are effective against airborne germs, viruses and bacteria, reducing the risk of infection.
  • They are safe: they do not produce any oxidizing gases.

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Purificateur d'air sans ozone Tip24 Pro

TEQOYA ionizers are adapted to the needs of the companies !

0 filter

Without consumables
No usage and maintenance costs

0 dB

Totally silent

2 W

Energy savings
Less power consumption than a lamp

24h / 7

Continuous air purification

0,01 µm

Effective against all particle sizes including ultrafine particles


Ozone Free Warranty
No additional pollutant emissions

Purify the interior of the vehicles in your fleet

  • The air inside a car is 5 to 10 times more polluted than outside. Far from protecting its passengers, it traps them inside the passenger compartment.
  • Filter-free and eco-responsible, the TEQOYA Nomad ioniser effectively combats pollutants and odours contained in the passenger compartment. Totally silent and discreet, it plugs into the cigarette lighter and evenly diffuses negative ions. inside the vehicle.

They trust us, why don't you ?

Negative ions benefit our well-being

The TEQOYA innovation is based on air ionization, a natural phenomenon known since the end of the 19th century. The richer the air is in negative ions, the less it is polluted with particles.

In the urban environment, especially inside buildings, the air lacks negative ions. This results in various disorders, ranging from simple discomfort to the appearance of pathologies, and grouped under the name of Building Syndrome. Unhealthy (SBM).

TEQOYA air purifiers restore the ionic balance of the air by enriching it with negative ions. At 1 or 2 meters from a TEQOYA ionizer, one finds the concentration of negative ions typical of a forest or a waterfall. The concentration in airborne particles and microorganisms is significantly reduced.

Concerned about the quality of the air in your workspaces?

TEQOYA offers a very simple solution of use that will be forgotten while protecting you and your employees.
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