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TEQOYA: an eco-responsible and French manufacture

TEQOYA is continuously working to improve its ozone free ionization technology. With the new TEQOYA range, we wanted to conceive a French air purifier even more eco-responsible in its design and manufacture. This was possible thanks to the collaboration with BAUDRY and OUTINOV.

A long-lasting collaboration

Thus, TEQOYA turned to the company BAUDRY, a company from the Pays de Loire region created in 1971, with 75 employees, which is both industrial and human, modern, innovative and which knows how to accompany its customers in the approach to the creation of original objects: an obvious partner for TEQOYA!

BAUDRY knows how to make components for high-end objects, as they have already done for Devialet, and as they now do for TEQOYA. The beech legs of the TEQOYA range are thus designed by the TEQOYA designer. Frank Bieven, then manufactured and selected by BAUDRY.

TEQOYA is a young, innovative and ambitious French company. It is also a serious company that knows how to keep its commitments. Our collaboration is fluid and efficient, with an understanding of the mutual constraints specific to our business..

A single enclosure

The housings of the TEQOYA devices are manufactured by the companyOUTINOV-AJC, an industrialist from Anjou specialising in the development of tools and the manufacture of high-precision technical parts.

This partner has been key from the start of the TEQOYA range design, taking care of the mechanical design issues. The need to produce parts that are both precise and meet the requirements of ionisation technology, and allowing an efficient assembly, has been perfectly integrated. Original solutions were found and refined during the many meetings. Dozens of versions of room plans, and hours of plan reviews were carried out for the design of TEQOYA!

The materials used have been carefully selected to avoid VOC emissions. These high quality materials are also recyclable.

The parts are manufactured in OUTINOV-AJC's Saint-Sylvain d'Anjou plant. They are subject to rigorous quality control using state-of-the-art 3D metrology.

Over time, a relationship of trust and esteem has developed with Pierre Guitton and his team. I appreciate his professionalism, which pushes us to be ever more demanding. I also appreciate the man, who adapts to situations, with that dialogue is always possible, pleasant and even sometimes funny! Working with TEQOYA also means making beautiful pieces, which my team is proud of!


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