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An eco-responsible Christmas: a tree planted for every TEQOYA air purifier purchased

TEQOYA examines on an ongoing basis how we can improve and contribute to the environment, beyond the quality of our eco-friendly products. Eco-responsibility is a commitment to ourselves, to our children and to future generations.. It’s in this engagement that we discover who we are and what we want to become.😊

TEQOYA and Plant for the Future, an eco-responsible collaboration

Since 2015, TEQOYA has been designing and manufacturing in France eco-responsible air purifiers particularly from resources acquired in our territories. It comes naturally for us to adhere to the commitment to protect and replant our forests through reforestation initiatives in France. In doing so, TEQOYA wants to offset the carbon impact of the manufacturing of its products.

TEQOYA has been engaged with Plant for the Future since last November. This commitment will bring us to the milestone of over 2,000 trees planted by the end of 2022.

Please note: Plant for the Future is an endowment fund that supports reforestation projects in French forests. For example, they have eight projects underway in the Vosges and five in the Jura, including one in Villette-les-Dole where Sessile Oak, Scots Pine and European Larch are planted. These wood species are used in our products.

And that's not all! At TEQOYA we want to plant even more trees in 2022. During the Christmas promotions, this commitment was reinforced with the operation: one tree for every TEQOYA 200 and TEQOYA 450 purchased!

Each tree planted is a reminder that we support the environment and preservation is our path. This is our way to give back to nature the resources it offers us. 🗺️

So ready to replant alongside us? 🌱

Find here our Christmas promotions. For more information, please contact us.


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