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Air quality sensor Laser Egg+ CO2

Measure the efficiency of your TEQOYA air purifier

air sensor Laser Egg Kaiterra

With your air pollution monitor, measure indoor air quality to make sure you are breathing healthy indoor air.

The Laser Egg already measured PM2.5 (fine particles), the new Laser Egg+ CO2 model now also measures carbon dioxide (CO2).

The lack of ventilation in enclosed spaces is the main cause of indoor pollution. That's why CO2 is an effective way to measure the rate of air flow in your rooms.

Keep an eye on the particle and CO2 levels via the Laser egg+ CO2, it is a simple and reliable way to help you identify the times of day when you are lacking fresh air and when and where an air purifier might help you solve a pollution problem.

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What makes the Laser Egg+ CO2 different

Kaiterra's Laser Egg+ CO2 is one of the best connected air quality monitors on the market:

  • Real-time measurement of CO2, PM2.5 and ultrafine particles
  • This application available on iPhone and Android for remote reading of the results and measurement history
  • Selected in 2020 as one of the best monitors for the private sector by Airparif, the Greater Paris air quality control agency
  • Among the four laureates of the 2019 microsensors challenge, which brought together technologies from around the world: recognized in all the indoor air quality categories: monitoring, awareness, control AND the best score for the measurement of PM 2.5.
    Read here the full report of the challenge in french.

We propose you two options to analyze the air in your home

air sensor Laser Egg Kaiterra

1) Test the Laser Egg+ CO2 monitor free-of-charge for 12 days!

The process is simple, fast, and transparent:

    Check "Test the Laser Egg+ CO2 free-of-charge for 12 days for any TEQOYA air purifier purchase" when placing your order on your eshop. You will only need to do an uncashed deposit of €99,00 in exchange for the free loan. By the end of your 12-day test, you can send back the air quality monitor using the return form (Please find it inside your package). Your deposit will be canceled once our technical team had checked the condition of the device. If you wish to keep the monitor, the deposit will be cashed. If we have any feedback from you, your deposit is cashed automatically after 30 days.

2) Order a Laser Egg+ CO2 monitor with a TEQOYA air purifier

Not available

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