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air purifier ALANA TEQOYA

air purifier ALANA TEQOYA

air purifier ALANA TEQOYA
air purifier ALANA TEQOYA

air purifier medical dentist ALANA TEQOYA

air purifier medical waiting room ALANA TEQOYA

air purifier ALANA TEQOYA air purifier ALANA TEQOYA air purifier ALANA TEQOYA air purifier medical dentist ALANA TEQOYA air purifier medical waiting room ALANA TEQOYA

Air purifier for establishments open to the public (ERP)

ALANA™ is the first application of TEQOYA's patented LEAF - Low Energy Active Filter - technology. It is a new air purifier specially designed to meet the needs of public places (offices, stores, spas, hotels, restaurants, schools, nursing homes...) that are concerned about the quality of the air offered to their customers.

Co-developed with the Aldes Group - our strategic partner and the French leader in air quality in the construction sector - ALANA™ is the first air purifier to combine negative ion technology to capture polluting particles and electrofiltration, which attracts them to polarized plates and thus traps them inside the device. Through innovation, TEQOYA has created a form of electrofiltration that is safe: without electrical discharge and adapted to general public use.

Specifications are as follows:

  • Aesthetic design, compact, adaptable thanks to its wall-mounted or free-standing versions
  • Energy-efficient: 0.4 to 6 Watts or ± 10€/year
  • 4 speeds adapted to your needs
  • Noise level: 25 dB - 45 dB (very discreet in the night and intermediate position for reception and exchange areas)
  • Reusable filters, therefore no additional costs
  • Supplied with a filter cleaning brush (to be used once a year according to our user manual)
  • No programmed obsolescence: guaranteed for 5 years
  • Made in Europe

label solideo teqoya   Le plus : notre technologie d’e-filtration a été sélectionnée par la SOLIDEO* pour filtrer l’air des chambres du Village des athlètes.
Résultat : le purificateur d'air le plus sûr, économe et éco-responsable du marché !

Why choose the ALANA™ air purifier for establishments open to the public (ERP)?

efficiency icon


Its effectiveness has been tested and proven by French and international laboratories. The air purifier ALANA™ eliminates up to 99.9%* of particles: urban pollution, viruses, bacteria, allergens, molds and even ultrafine particles.

*Based on laboratory tests. These results vary by device, pollutant, and test conditions.

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ALANA™ offers a unique technology capable of guaranteeing both an energy-efficient consumption (6 Watts at maximum flow, that is ± 10 € for a 24/7 operation) and the absence of consumables (its filter is easily washable and reusable). These characteristics make it the device with the lowest cost of use in the market of air purifiers for professional use.

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Robust and reliable

Robust and designed to last (no programmed obsolescence) even when used 24/7, ALANA™ is guaranteed for 5 years in comparison to other air purifiers in the market guaranteed for 2 years maximum. Moreover, it does not produce toxic gases: neither ozone nor nitrogen oxides. Its unique technology makes it a reliable tool adapted to the hygiene standards of ERP.

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Designed and manufactured in Europe, ALANA™ is made of assembled elements and raw materials mostly local to limit the carbon impact of transportation. With reusable filters and energy efficiency, this ensures ALANA™ as the most eco-friendly air purifier for professional use.

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Sleek and discreet

Its design, the choice of its materials - wood and aluminum - its compact aspect, size, and lightweight answer the aesthetic and discretionary needs of ERP. Also designed for ease of use with the choice of two versions: wall-mounted or free-standing.

Would you like to know more about the air purifier ALANA™ for establishments open to the public (ERP)?

Find out more about the ALANA™ down below:

air purifier ALANA TEQOYA

Recommended surface
up to 20 m2
Number of gears
5 (automatic speed including night and boost mode)
Noise level
25 dB - 45 dB with night setting for an almost imperceptible noise level
0.4 - 6 Watts
Power supply
110-230 Volts
15 cm x 15 cm x 30 cm
3 kg
Ozone level
Guaranteed ozone free (complies with UL 2998 and NF 536 standards)
CE (Safety and EMC), safety, RoHS
Performance: GB/T 18801, NF B 44-200
Ozone: IEC 60335-2-65
5 years
Packaging content
1 air ionizer
1 power cable
1 user manual

Enjoy extra advantages

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Made in Europe

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Long-term warranty

made in france icon

Made in Europe

warranty icon

Long-term warranty

Do you have a project?

teq lab teqoya

The LEAF technology used by ALANA™ is adaptable to various applications. TEQ'lab is TEQOYA's research team at the service of industrial partnerships. Are you interested in a co-innovation project? Contact us!

Any questions?

Consult our detailed FAQ or contact us!