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Air purifier ioniser

Keep it close by you
The Tip9 air purifier can be placed in a room where you enjoy spending a lot of time, such as your office or your bedroom. We recommend placing it on the bedside table to breathe a healthy air at night.

TEQOYADimensions: 115 x 125 x 180 mm
TEQOYAWeight: 1 kg
TEQOYAColor: black, grey, orange, blue, pink
TEQOYAConsumption: 2 W
TEQOYANoise: inaudible
TEQOYAFor 15m2 surface area

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Purificateur d'air TEQOYA Tip24

Air purifier ioniser

Purify your large spaces
The Tip24 air purifier is slender and does not take a lot of place. It is ideal for purifying conviviality or reception spaces, or any other room where you like to relax and enjoy spending time.

TEQOYADimensions: 60 x 55 x 1100 mm
TEQOYAWeight: 5 kg
TEQOYAColor : noir
TEQOYAEnergy consumption: 2 W
TEQOYANoise: inaudible
TEQOYAFor 30m2 surface area

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Purificateur d'air TEQOYA Tip4

Air purifier ioniser

Drive safely
Without filter and eco-friendly, the Tip4 air purifier effectively fight against odors and polluting particles. Silent and discreet, it plugs into the cigarette lighter and diffuses uniformly negative ions inside your vehicle.

TEQOYADimensions: 110 x 110 x 35 mm
TEQOYAWeight: 0,4 kg
TEQOYAColor : black
TEQOYAEnergy consumption : 0,8 W
TEQOYANoise : inaudible
TEQOYAFor vehicle

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