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These companies that equip themselves with TEQOYA air purifiers

The period of crisis that we are going through, and even more the current phase of deconfinement, have been the occasion for many companies to ask us to equip TEQOYA air purifiers. And the opportunity for us to better understand their difficulties, their questions and their needs. Our interlocutors are anxious, of course, to protect their customers and their staff from possible transmission of viruses on their place of activity. They are also aware of the long-term air quality issues at stake. We wanted to give the floor to these professionals, through a few testimonials and a quick overview of the deployment of TEQOYA in companies.

1) What is the interest of air purifiers for a health professional and a company?

Purificateur d'air entreprise

In times of pandemic, air purifiers help reduce the presence of contaminants in the air in company workplaces.

In France, TEQOYA air ionizers are used in dental practices. Important for all healthcare professionals, managing the risk of contamination is even more crucial for dentists, who work with patients who obviously cannot wear masks. Ventilation and air filtration are therefore recommended in addition to the various protective devices that are also in place: hydroalcoholic gel, masks in the waiting room and enhanced room disinfection. For the Centre Dentaire 94, which has recently acquired Teqoya's equipment, the advantage of TEQOYA air ionizers is that they can be installed quickly, with little intrusion and without any work: "no need for a hose to extract the air from the outside", for example. "Quiet operation is also important", both for the patient and the medical team itself. But of course efficiency is important: "We use Laser Egg particle detectors to check the efficiency of the devices. »

Find out more about the benefits of an air purifier to limit viral transmission, read our article on the subject.

2) What is the benefit of better air quality for a company?

Purificateur d'air entreprise

Purify meeting rooms and promote the ability to concentrate

In Spain, José Martin from the NIYANA study centre has been using TEQOYA T450s for a year now to improve indoor air quality in his meeting rooms. For him, being able to measure the air quality with Laser Egg sensors makes it possible to quickly realize the effect of the devices. "Our rooms are large, with many people. grouped together. Everybody is satisfied with these devices and we put them forward. » Another interesting effect: TEQOYA air purifiers seem to improve the working capacity! Students and professionals in training take classes in these rooms. With the devices, everyone recovers faster. This type of effect has already been identified in scientific studies in this article working. The team is so convinced by the devices that they brought some to a sick employee in his hospital room to help him recover more quickly!

3) Can we improve the comfort and well-being of the people we welcome with better air quality?

Purificateur d'air entreprise

A pleasant and healthy place thanks to purified air

Ibon Padilla, osteopath and acupuncturist at the Zutitu Zentroa in Zaldibar (Viscaya, Spain) contacted us because he had been looking for several years for an ioniser capable of purifying large rooms and was not satisfied with what he had found. found on the market. A fire in a local dump had caused a lot of chemical pollution around his home, so Ibon decided to equip his office and his home. " My eyes were stinging from the pollution. The ioniser reduced that quickly. I can breathe better and the pollution sensor allows me to see how fast it works " he says.

Working with natural medicines, Ibon also looks carefully at the ecological impact of the products he buys. Finally, beyond well-being, in this time of pandemic, the waiting room has become a crucial place to disinfect. « People who come are sometimes afraid, and I'm afraid of contaminating them, an air purifier can be more reassuring. »

4) Places that we are proud to equip

Air quality and well-being in the workplace

Other companies are adopting TEQOYA air purifiers in France and abroad. Among them, a Korean retirement home trusts us to bring a better quality of life to the residents. Air France calls upon TEQOYA for the VIP lounges of Charles de Gaulle airport, to bring to its passengers relaxation and well-being as well as a better recovery. Finally, the the wellness centre The Centre Elément in Paris equips TEQOYA T450 with its large room where its meditation, yoga and other practices workshops are held, to the great pleasure of the participants.

Purificateur d'air entreprise

Air quality in the laboratory

Dynveo, a natural food supplement company, equipped itself with TEQOYA T200 to purify their shared spaces :

At Dynveo, health and well-being are at the heart of our concerns. Already equipped with water osmosis units within our company, we have placed our trust in TEQOYA for the air quality of our shared spaces. Aware of the potential of new technologies and innovation in the field of health and involved in them on a daily basis through our manufacturing methods, it is very important to us to promote their progress. Protect The health of our customers and our employees is an absolute priority, which is why today we do everything possible to furnish our premises with the greatest care.


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