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filtering air inlet rolling box adionis

filtering air inlet rolling box adionis

EHT2 EFT2 filtering air inlet housing
EHT2 EFT2 filtering air inlet housing

EHT2 EFT2 filtering air inlet housing

filtering air inlet rolling box adionis EHT2 EFT2 filtering air inlet housing EHT2 EFT2 filtering air inlet housing EHT2 EFT2 filtering air inlet housing

EHT2 EFT2, the perfect air inlet filter for home

EHT2 EFT2 air inlet is the integrated filtration solution that suits your home. Compatible with all VMCs in the market and in compliance with French regulations on building ventilation, it combines the air renewal of VMCs with a high-performance filtration of incoming air...

This is why EHT2 EFT2 guarantees both renewed air and removal of outside air pollutants: its efficiency is guaranteed up to 90% on ultrafine particles, bacteria, pollens, and allergens.

Co-developed with the ALDES Group - the leader in air quality in the construction sector -, EHT2 EFT2 is equipped with TEQOYA exclusive e-filtration technology which combines air ionization without ozone and electrofiltration. It improves indoor air quality with optimal efficiency and simplicity of use; all at discretion.

Specifications are as follows:

  • Air filtration entering the dwellings by optimized VMC
  • Air pressure losses of about 2 Pa, compatible with all VMCs in the market
  • Excellent acoustic attenuation performance of external noise
  • Energy efficient (1,5W, less than <4€/year)
  • No filters to change, therefore no additional costs
  • Very discreet design, made of durable materials
  • No programmed obsolescence
  • Made locally
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Winner of the Label Intairieur

Why choose the EHT2 EFT2 air inlet filter?

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e-filtration's performance was tested according to the same conditions as the NF EN ISO 16890 standard: filtration of 90% of particles larger than 10µm, 80% of particles larger than 2.5µm, and 77% of particles larger than 1µm. The EHT2 EFT2 air inlet filter treats particles and aerosols (bacteria, pollen, spores, mold, dust, ash, smoke...).

TEQOYA's e-filtration technology produces ions in a very localized area (< 1 mm) to avoid the creation of toxic substances (ozone, formaldehydes or others). The ions are attracted by the pollutants in the outside air and form an Ion-Particle amalgam.

As proof of our seriousness, you will find here our test reports on the elimination of air pollutants and the safety of TEQOYA products.

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EHT2 EFT2 is an air inlet filter for windows that is ideally in line with the objectives of reducing the energy consumption of buildings. This air inlet filter is energy efficient (<4€/year for 24/7 usage) and has any additional costs (no filters to replace: its filter is easily cleanable and reusable).

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Designed to last, EHT2 EFT2 has no programmed obsolescence. This filtered air inlet has a large available plate surface. This means that there is no risk of clogging the inlet in the event of heavy clogging or lack of maintenance (or lack of care).

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The EHT2 EFT2 air inlet filter has been particularly designed to meet the aesthetic and discretion needs of the housing.

Moreover, the EHT2 EFT2 air inlet filter purifies the incoming air while guaranteeing real acoustic comfort. This air inlet reduces noise pollution from the outside by up to 43dB, i.e. +6 to 8 dB of acoustic attenuation compared to a standard air inlet.

Do you have a project?

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The e-filtration technology used by EHT2 EFT2 is adaptable to various applications. TEQ'lab is TEQOYA's research team at the service of industrial partnerships. Are you interested in a co-innovation project? Contact us!

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