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Healthy air in the driver's compartment

Professional Transport Drivers : Breathe Clean Air in Your Vehicle

At the end of 2019, the Carcept Prev foundation (Klesia Group), a brand of social protection for transport, launched a major national study in collaboration with TEQOYA on the influence of air quality on the health of professional transport drivers.

After confirming the effectiveness of TEQOYA devices to reduce the presence of particles in the cabs, nearly 50 drivers were equipped with a model car TEQOYA Nomad. Objective of the foundation : to evaluate the impact of the improvement of Air quality in the cabins on the well-being of drivers at work and more particularly the impact on the quality of their sleep.

And the results were quickly visible (see picture). Many drivers then relayed the interest of the product internally.

transport air pur

Download the extract of the report on the results of the study.

The air purifier TEQOYA Nomad, essential in your cabins

Purificateur de voiture
  • No filters to change and eco-responsible
  • Discreet silencer
  • Near-zero power consumption : 0.5 Watts
  • 5 year warranty
  • Made in France

How are the booths purified ?

The TEQOYA innovation is based on air ionization. The device produces negative ions, true natural depollutants, which electrically charge the fine and ultrafine particles present in the passenger compartment and attract them to the air. soil and surfaces. Once rid of its particles, the quality of the air is close to that of the mountains.

In-vehicle filters against ultra-fine particles are unnecessary

For ASEF (Association Santé Environnement France), there is no need to rely on this filter to effectively protect you from pollutants, especially ultra-fine particles. Ionization of the air allows you to process directly pollution inside the passenger compartment, without any undesirable effects.

TEQOYA Nomad purifies 99% of fine particles and allergens

Pollution par les particules fines

Fine particles

Pollution par le pollen


Pollution par  les bactéries et les virus


Pollution par la moisissure


Pollution par les animaux


Pollution par la fumée


Working and living in the cab and breathing clean air.
Drivers talk about it :

Improve their well-being in clean air and restful sleep


To reach your TEQOYA transport contact:

Pascal Lecointre