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Air Purifier

Dear customer,
TEQOYA is committed to ensuring the safety of its employees and their loved ones by reducing its activity. However, a shipping service is maintained to guarantee delivery of your orders. Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time for all.

Well-being starts with a healthy air

Based on patented technology developed through 15 years of research, our air ionizers are 100% ozone-free and effective against polluting particles of all size, the most dangerous included. TEQOYA air purifiers are designed and manufactured in France, performing eco-friendly air purification: filterless, energy-saving, silent.

TEQOYA air purifiers recreate the conditions of negative-ion production that exist in the purest areas of the earth. These negative ions act as natural cleansers and, by purifying the air, are beneficial to our health.

Who are we?

Enjoy eco-friendly air purification

0,01 µm

Treatment of ultra-fine particles

1.5 W

Energy saving




Continous air purification


Completely silent

0 filter


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TEQOYA air purifiers eliminate up to 99% particles and germs

Lutter contre la pollution urbaine aux particules fines

Fine particles

Lutter contre les bactéries et les virus


Lutter contre le pollen et les allergies


Lutter contre les odeurs d'urine de chat

Pet allergens

Lutter contre les allergies aux moisissures


Lutter contre les odeurs de tabac


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At home, in the office or on a trip, protect yourself from pollution!

Asthma, allergy, cough, smells, sleep... Take care of you and your loved ones

Témoignage d'un enfant asthmatique

I have asthma. But since we installed an ionizer in my bedroom, I have much less breathing problems. I have even stopped my asthma basic treatment.

Malo Guyon-Alsat, Collégien, France (Région Parisienne)

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