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Ionisers made in France

TEQOYA Air Purifiers
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Ionisers made in France

Healthy environment for family life

Clean air is integral to our lives and should be available to all. However air pollution is one of the biggest challenges facing modern societies and is detrimentally impacting our lives, health and communities.
In 2014, TEQOYA embarked on a mission to provide clean air while respecting the environment. Our breakthrough innovation relies on air ionization and is based on patented technology developed through 15 years of research.
We are parents too and have a personal interest in ensuring that subsequent generations are able to live healthy and productive lives in a clean and safe environment.
Our air ionizers are the best – they are 100% ozone free and respectful to the environment, performing continuous air purification silently. Our products are built to last – durable and sleek, they fit in seamlessly anywhere.
TEQOYA is designed and manufactured in France using the highest quality components.

Let TEQOYA help you live better by taking care of the air you breathe.

At home, in the office or on a trip, protect yourself from pollution

Effective against ultra-fine particles
TEQOYA air purifiers are effective against polluting particles of all sizes and especially against extra-fine and nanoparticles, which are the most dangerous because they penetrate deeply into the respiratory system and the blood stream.
MAXIMUM COMFORT OF USE TEQOYA air purifiers are completely quiet and there is no user cost expected. It's the end of draughts and filters replacement ! Just plug them in and forget about them: the air is permanently purified without your thinking about it, just like when you breathe.
ECO-FRIENDLY TEQOYA air purifiers can remain permanently plugged in because they are energy-saving (2W). There are no filters to replace and the ionizers do not generate ozone gas - a major air pollutant.
10-year warranty
TEQOYA air purifiers are designed to withstand daily use so you can rely on them for a long time. Should you be disappointed, your purchase will be refunded on a simple request to the following E-mail address: customercare@teqoya.com.
Ioniser made in France


Derived from a unique and patented technology, Teqoya air purifiers are both entirely designed, manufactured and tested in France, in the heart of the Bordeaux nature and wineyards. Our R&D activity brings together air quality specialists and electronics, based in Ile de France, Normandy and Aquitaine.

What our customers say

Exit mes très désagréables sinus bloqués en permanence et nous avons l’impression que notre sommeil est plus profond, plus apaisé, plus réparateur en somme.

Depuis que j’ai installé un TIP9 de TEQOYA dans ma chambre, près de mon lit, ces rhinites se sont très nettement réduites, et je dors beaucoup mieux !

En quelques jours, imperceptiblement, ma compagne et moi, nous sommes surpris à nous réveiller le matin avec le sentiment d’avoir passé à chaque fois une très bonne nuit de sommeil réparateur.

Nous sommes moins sujets aux coups de fatigue comme si ces nuits écourtées étaient devenues plus réparatrices.

Grâce à mon ioniseur, les odeurs et l’impression d’air confiné ont complètement disparu, même au retour de vacances.



Après avoir branché mon ioniseur TEQOYA dans notre chambre, j’ai rapidement ressenti que l’air autour de moi était renouvelé, comme plus frais, plus tonique. Et je dors mieux, même fenêtre fermée.

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TEQOYA air purifiers improve the quality of your life

Child Protection
Do you have children?
Protect them from polluted air because it can have after-effects on their developing respiratory system. Set up a TEQOYA air purifier in their room and treat them to healthy and enlivening air, even in cities. Without noise or draught.
Respiratory troubles
Respiratory troubles, allergies?
Air pollution is a clearly indentified trigger for various allergies, including asthma. TEQOYA air purifiers inhibit or neutralize such particles as pollen, bacteria, viruses and mildew.
Troubled sleep
Troubled sleep?
Are you prone to snoring or coughing fits? Do you sleep poorly with closed windows? Next to your totally silent TEQOYA air purifier, enjoy a refreshing sleep in a well-ventilated area, as if you were sleeping with open windows but without the disadvantages (cold, noise, insects. . .)
Bad smells
Bad smells ?
In the house, odors can quickly become annoying. The air purifiers TEQOYA fight against them. It neutralizes the odours of tobacco, cooking, baby nappies and pets.

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