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Our technologies

electrofiltration technology alana

1) particle ionization
2) purification by electrofiltration

ionization technology teqoya

1) particle ionization
2) natural air purification

Our technologies

All our technologies are developed with the same focus: to protect people from indoor air pollution 24/7 without harming the planet.
They are based on more than 20 years of research that started even before TEQOYA was founded and has been intensified since then to further improve the quality of our solutions by meeting new needs. TEQOYA currently holds seven patents covering ozone-free air ionization, electrofiltration without electrical discharge, ion spread in an airstream, formaldehyde treatment, and filtering air inlets (for the development of new applications in the construction sector).
We invest more than 20% of our turnover in R&D every year. Our mission is to ensure healthy air quality in low-carbon buildings.

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The principles of TEQOYA's technologies


air purifier icon alana

Launched in 2022, the new technology - e-filtration - combines TEQOYA's expertise in a high-efficient reusable filter:

  • Powerful, ozone-free air ionization
  • Electrofiltration traps ionized particles in a cleanable and reusable filter, made of a system of polarized and insulated plates to avoid any risk of electrostatic discharge
  • Low-pressure drop and high pollutant storage capacity for adaptation to different environments

e-filtration is a safe, reliable, cleanable, filter-free and power-efficient air purification technology!

electrofiltration how it works

This groundbreaking technology offers you a high-level performance, the result of three years of intense research concluded by two patents: air ionization without ozone emissions, and electrofiltration without electrical discharge. Adapted to the needs of professionals and individuals alike, e-filtration is already present in several products co-developed with our industrial partners.

Discover ALANA™, one of the applications of the e-filtration technology


air purifier icon teqoya

At the core of TEQOYA air purifiers is the ozone-free air ionization technology, initially created by Professor Jacques Breton - a member of the New York Academy of Sciences and Officer of the Palmes Académiques in France.

TEQOYA air ionizers recreate the electrostatic abatement of pollutant particles indoors, as it is done in the purest environments. The intense negative ion production by TEQOYA air purifiers is completely safe (certified ozone-free by independent laboratories). On top of their effectiveness in purifying the air, the negative ions help restore a permanent level of negative ions, similar to the level found in natural environments.

air ionization how it works

The core of TEQOYA's ionization technology is based on specially manufactured needles, integrated in a particular geometric and electrostatic conformation. We call this conformation ion optics. This enables the plasma to be confined to the tip of the needle. Bring your finger close to the tip of a needle... you will see this low-energy ion-generating plasma appear as a bluish halo.

The electronic performance of our air purifiers enables you to benefit from a high level of safety and reliability along with highly efficient energy consumption.

Since 2014, TEQOYA has led the development of this high-performance technology and annually dedicates 20% of its turnover to R&D. We strive to further improve the ozone-free air ionization process and expand its scope of application.

See our video on ionization

Our partners

Our technologies are developed locally in partnership with leading industries and laboratories, mainly in France:


Groupe Aldes

Since 2021, TEQOYA has partnered with the Aldes Group - a global player in building air quality solutions - to create unique applications that incorporate our e-filtration technology. Aldes and Teqoya have co-developed the first filtering air inlet compliant with French regulations, and also the innovative ALANA air purifier.


French manufacturer of high-end roller shutters, Coferming has partnered with TEQOYA to develop a new application of e-filtration technology: an indoor roller shutter box that purifies the air coming from outdoors.

Groupe Ridoret

The Ridoret Group manufactures high-performance and durable joinery for professionals and individuals. Ridoret and TEQOYA are leading together an ambitious research project to bring tomorrow new solutions for energy performance and air quality of buildings.

Carcept Prev

TEQOYA Nomad air purifiers are tested, approved and recommended by the Carcept Prev Foundation of the Klesia Group - the mutual insurance of road hauliers.


TEQOYA places a strategic emphasis on R&D and allocates 20% of its turnover to this field. We have our own design office, where prototypes and exploratory tests are carried out for product development and industrialization.

This enables in-depth experimentation of our technology in the laboratory and in the field, and also enables us to test the endurance of our devices.

We work with many laboratories affiliated to the CNRS, well-known for their expertise in fields essential to TEQOYA. We also work with the CERTAM and the Carnot Institute for the development and the experimental qualification of our solutions.

Together with the certification of independent laboratories, TEQOYA technology is both efficient and guaranteed to last.

Our main research partners:


Leading laboratory in the field of pollutant emission qualification in France.

Instituts Carnot

Public research structure that develops partnership research for the benefit of corporate innovation.


Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Building Laboratory - CNRS Polytech - Savoie Mont Blanc University.


Laboratory of Engineering Sciences for the Environment - CNRS University of La Rochelle.


Laboratory specialized in cold plasmas - CNRS - Ecole Centrale Supélec.


Catalysis & Spectrochemistry Laboratory - CNRS ENSICAEN.


Institute of Porous Materials - CNRS ENS ESPCI.

Do you have a project?

The e-filtration technology used by ALANA™ is adaptable to various applications. TEQ'lab is TEQOYA's research team at the service of industrial partnerships. Are you interested in a co-innovation project? Contact us!

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