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How does an air ionizer work?

Several air purification technologies are available, and several operating modes for air purification devices. Most of these devices act as filters: the room air is sucked in by a fan and passed through a series of multilayer filters. Air ionizers have a very different way of operating mode which, at first glance, may seem mysterious: the devices don't suck in room air, and they do not need a fan... To better understand this mystery, let's take a closer look at how an air ionizer works. Naturally, we'll be focusing on the TEQOYA air ionizers. Ready? Let's go!

Air ionizers: the key points to keep in mind

Did you know that negative ions act as natural air depollutants? They are present in large quantities in the purest places on the planet. The electrostatic force is at the heart of their action on pollutants: the pollutant particles attract the negative ions and, once charged by these ions, they are pulled to the ground. TEQOYA technology stands out from the rest because of its capacity to produce a large number of ions without releasing toxic chemical substances, such as ozone. Thus, a TEQOYA air purifier can purify the air 24/7, without presenting a consumer health hazard.

1. Negative ions: the basis of the system

The purpose of an air ionizer is to purify the air in your home by restoring a high density of negative ions in the atmosphere, as would be found in the purest environments on the planet.

Air ionizer

Purifying indoor air by restoring negative ions without ozone emission is at the core of TEQOYA technology.All the tests conducted by independent and accredited laboratories can prove it: the air ionization restored in a living space is highly effective in the depollution of indoor air, whether it is allergens, molds, bacteria, viruses, and even ultrafine particles. To get this, our technology relies on needles integrated into a particular geometric conformation, called "ion optics" and soon it will no longer be a mystery to you!

A quick reminder!

As mentioned before, air ionization is a natural phenomenon.

A beautiful manifestation of air ionization: the aurora borealis! In the upper atmosphere, the ionosphere is a layer very rich in ions. In the lower atmosphere, thunderstorms are the manifestation of air ionization in the clouds. The bolts of lightning also allow the electrostatic rebalancing between the Earth and the atmosphere.

At ground and air levels, where do we find these ions?

  • Cosmic rays and natural radioactivity in the soil are the main sources of energy to create ions in the atmosphere.
  • Rain and waterfalls are important sources of negative ions: when a drop of water bursts, a negative charge is transferred to the air. This is called the Lenard effect.
  • The friction of the wind on certain surfaces, for example on trees, allows electronic pullouts at the origin of negative ions.
  • Finally, the Corona effect is a very specific but powerful source of negative ions: at the top of a pointed shape connected to the Earth, any object fixed to the ground and conductive, rising and ending in a point (lightning rod, mountain top, tree top, boat mast, lightning rod, etc.).

2. On the technical side, the secrets of the ion optics

TEQOYA's ion optics have two main features:

  • They recreate at the tip of the needles the Corona effect, i.e. a region of a high electric field that triggers an electronic cast allowing the formation and expulsion of negative ions in the room air.
  • They limit the amplitude of this electric field and the electric current emitted by the needles, thus avoiding the generation of toxic chemical substances (ozone, nitrogen oxide...). This second characteristic guarantees safe use.

At the tip of its needle, the TEQOYA ion optics forms a plasma contained in a submillimeter volume. To observe this plasma, Put one of your fingers close to the tip of a needle... you will see a bluish halo, as if by magic!

Air ionizer

Once expelled from the plasma, the negative ions in the air form clusters with the water molecules present (even in "dry" air, there is 30% relative humidity). Rest assured: these aggregates are harmless, even if inhaled. The oxidizing potential of the air was measured at 5 cm from a TEQOYA air ionizer. The result is identical to that produced by nature itself in the healthiest environments and does not show any negative side effects (read our tests and certificates).

TEQOYA mimics nature by restoring negative ions in your living spaces. It eliminates the pollutant particles present in the air... How? That's the beauty of our air ionization technology. Follow us!

3. An airflow called... the ionic wind!

The negative ions flow is created and expelled from the ionic optics by electrostatic repulsion and by their attraction towards all the objects surrounding the air ionizer. This flow is what we call "ionic wind": put your hand close to a Teqoya air ionizer to feel it! Produced in partnership with the Carnot Institute, watch here our video which illustrates it.

The negative ions present in the air are attracted by the pollutant particles (whatever their size or nature), like meteorites attracted by the gravity of the planets.

Air ionizer

Once negatively charged, pollutant particles are attracted to grounded surfaces, especially the floor. This is why we advise dusting these surfaces during the cleaning of your living space.

Good to know: because of their size, the particles that adhere to surfaces can only be removed by mechanical action (vacuuming, rubbing, or cleaning with water). Therefore, these particles don't return to the air easily and skin contact is not harmful nor is inhalation.

By creating a large number of negative ions, TEQOYA air ionizers reduce the level of pollutants in the room air and also restore the level of negative ions matching their level in natural environments.

4. The plus: an eco-friendly choice that rhymes with energy savings

The non-stop operating system of the TEQOYA air ionizers is part of our eco-responsible engagement that is good for your health, your energy bill and the planet. Thanks to the emission of negative ions that attack pollutant particles in the air (bacteria, smoke, odors, viruses, etc.), you spend fewer resources to purify your home than with a conventional filter.

Designed to last, TEQOYA air ionizers purify indoor air using very few resources (only 1.5 Watts of energy, no filters nor any other consumables...). The initial investment is therefore profitable for your wallet and the planet!🌳

5. Purify the indoor air... but not only!

Beyond their ability to purify the air, air ionizers restore the level of negative ions matching their level in natural environments.

Scientific studies have established the beneficial influence of air rich in anions (aka negative ions) on our health. These benefits range from the improvement of respiratory levels to soothing mood disorders or yet improvement of cognitive performance. The impact of negative ions depends on the individuals concerned, it is possible to feel less tired, to have a feeling of relaxation and less irritability, better concentration, better sleep, etc. (read our article on this topic).

Tips for using TEQOYA air ionizers

While you may now know all about TEQOYA technology, you may still have other questions. "How do I know if my ionizer is working, for instance? Here are some tips and tricks for proper maintenance and optimal performance! Don't overlook them because they can make all the difference.

Check if everything is working properly!

There are at least three ways to ensure that your TEQOYA air ionizer is working properly daily:

  • Put your hand a few centimeters away from the ionic optics, it's possible to feel the "ionic wind".
  • Put your ear close to one of the ionic optics, you may hear a slight sizzling sound.
  • Slowly put your finger a few millimeters closer to one of the needles at the bottom of an ion optic, it's also possible to hear a slight sizzling sound and to see the tip of the needle turn blue in a dark environment!

These steps help you to quickly identify any malfunction and, if necessary, do not hesitate to contact us.

The key to an efficient TEQOYA air ionizer

All you have to do is maintain it with care! It's very simple since all you have to do is dust off at least twice a year (or more depending on the level of pollution in your environment).

Air ionizer

Use a dry non-fibrous cloth, a feather duster, or a soft brush... Form a sort of coarse point by folding this cloth, push this point into each ion cone and turn the point on itself.

User-friendly, you can enjoy the benefits of wholesome air 24/7. So breathe afresh!😀

Discover here more about TEQOYA air ionizers. For more information, contact us!


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