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Air purifiers meet the challenges of sustainable development

European Sustainable Development Week is an initiative to stimulate and make visible activities, project and events that promote sustainable development. It takes place every year from 30 May until 5 June. This year's final event will be entitled "Investing for Future Generations". This topic is an opportunity for us to provide important reminder about the environmental footprint of air purifiers.

Already a great success

The first European Sustainable Development Week (ESDW) took place in 2015. It was a key lever for mobilizing political and financial commitment for the United Climate Change Conference. In keeping with preceding years, the 2nd edition is aim at promoting in the broadest possible audience the principles of sustainable development. It is also a powerful tool for encouraging people to always do things better and sharing their ideas. You can register online until 5 June!

The environnemental footprint of air purifiers

So far as air purifiers with filters as are concerned, their "particles balance" is negative. In arriving at these conclusion, we have relied on two sources:

  • A Canadian study which measure the effectiveness of devices with filters between 30 and 70%
  • Data and information provided by power plants

Result: even an air purifier with HEPA filter can best remove the same quantity, at worst 500 times less particles than it emits.

This result is even worse if one takes into account the production of air filters. They have to be often replaced. Otherwise, they pollute.


TEQOYA products, eco-designed products

  • Sustainability: TEQOYA products are sustainable and our confidence in our products explains their 10 years' guarantee.
  • Without consumables: Our components are as sustainable as our products.
  • A very low consumption: TEQOYA products consumes very little electricity and their “removed particles / Kwh consumed” ratio is five to ten times higher than usual.


TEQOYA, a clean air to breath without moderation!
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