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Eco-responsibility: are TEQOYA air purifiers really eco-friendly?

Purifying indoor air while protecting your health and the planet is possible! Say goodbye to filters and make way for negative ions: choose eco-friendly air purifiers that are efficient and can easily reduce energy consumption. Rest assured, eco-responsibility is TEQOYA's field of action.

Eco-friendly air purifiers: what does it mean?

At TEQOYA, eco-friendly air purifiers mean more than just a label: our devices are safe and efficient. They purify indoor air by diffusing negative ions directly into the room atmosphere, without air blowing, emitting fine particles, or any polluting gas (ozone, CO2...).

TEQOYA air purifiers use 10 to 50 times less energy to operate than HEPA filter air purifiers (see our tests and certificates). Our products are energy-efficient, consuming only 1.5W. Even if they are in operation 365 days a year, they only require about 15 kWh of electricity per year (less than 5 € per year). In addition, for every gram of PM2.5 particles filtered, the electricity consumed by a HEPA filter air purifier emits CO2 and indirectly produces 10 to 100 times more PM2.5 particles in the atmosphere.

eco-friendly air purifier performance

Furthermore, air ionization is a technology that does not require consumables, such as filters. Filters themselves are a form of pollution, as they are made of rather complex materials that are difficult to recycle. It is therefore vital to consider the environmental impact of air purification, which tends to grow rapidly in these times of the coronavirus pandemic.

How do we manufacture an eco-friendly air purifier?

Through the efficient use of energy and resources, TEQOYA strives to design and manufacture eco-friendly air purifiers.

We integrate sustainability issues into our activities: resource acquisition, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, end-of-life use and management, and dealings with our partners.

life span of TEQOYA's eco-friendly air purifiers

Resource Acquisition and Manufacturing

TEQOYA air purifiers are designed and manufactured in France in the Bordeaux region. We use mostly materials and subcontractors from France and nearby Europe, always within 500 km of our factory (except for the electronic components and wires needed). This reduces our ecological impact when acquiring resources.

At the same time, the wood used in our products comes from a certified and eco-friendly supply chain (located in Cholet, France). The plastic used is 100% recyclable. We avoid electronic screens in our products to reduce the production of unnecessary electronic waste. To consume resources reasonably, the parts of our ionizers are molded together, and the scraps are reused to minimize waste.

Packaging and Distribution

Our air purifiers are mostly small and lightweight. We, therefore, try to eliminate excessive packaging through simple optimizations. We use plain cardboard packaging with mounting tabs that avoid the use of glue and tape. At the same time, the cardboard and paper used for packaging are all 100% recyclable materials. All this allows us to reduce our carbon footprint during the distribution of our products.

Use and End of Life Management

Our products require extremely simple maintenance, without impact, and the need to send a technician. Designed to last, our 10-year warranty on our air purifiers eliminates the need for repeat purchases.

TEQOYA continues to actively develop innovative and even more eco-friendly air purifiers. For example, we aim to use recyclable polymers in our future products. This will ensure that TEQOYA air purifiers have an increasingly reasonable CO2 footprint.

Eco-friendly air purifiers, nothing less: with TEQOYA devices, you can now take action on the air quality in your home sweet home! 😉

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