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filtering air inlet rolling box adionis

filtering air inlet rolling box adionis

air sensor laser egg kaiterra
filtering air inlet rolling box adionis

filtering air inlet rolling box adionis

filtering air inlet rolling box adionis air sensor laser egg kaiterra filtering air inlet rolling box adionis filtering air inlet rolling box adionis

ADIONIS, the roller shutter for natural ventilation in your home

ADIONIS is a patented air purification system integrated into the roller shutter. Compatible with all VMCs in the market and in conformity with French regulations on building ventilation, it combines the VMC air renewal with a high-performance filtration of incoming air...

Co-developed with COFERMING - specialist of roller shutter for more than 20 years -, ADIONIS is equipped with TEQOYA exclusive e-filtration technology which combines air ionization without ozone and electrofiltration. It improves indoor air quality with optimal efficiency and simplicity of use; all at discretion!

Both an aesthetic and durable product, ADIONIS is particularly effective against allergens, bacteria, pollens, particles of all sizes... Thus, it allows the purification of the air entering the dwelling or any other building to guarantee an environment of well-being to its inhabitants.

Specifications are as follows:

  • Air filtration entering the dwellings by optimized VMC
  • Air pressure losses of about 2 Pa, compatible with all VMCs in the market
  • Excellent acoustic attenuation performance of external noise
  • Energy efficient (1,5W, less than <4€/year)
  • No filters to change, therefore no additional costs
  • Sleek design made of durable materials
  • No programmed obsolescence
  • Made locally
grand prix innovation
Winner of the "Grand Prix de l'Innovation Protection Solaire & Fermetures" 2022 from Verre & Protections

Why choose the ADIONIS roller shutter?

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ADIONIS removes up to 99% of particles from incoming air. TEQOYA's e-filtration technology integrated into ADIONIS combines the ionization of oxygen atoms that bind to airborne particles and the electrostatic capture of these pollutant particles in a system of polarized plates. Its effectiveness has been tested and proven by independent laboratories.

Learn more about TEQOYA technology

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ADIONIS has an air inlet filter for windows that is perfectly in line with the objectives of reducing the energy consumption of buildings. This air inlet filter is energy efficient ( <4€/year for 24/7 usage) and has any additional costs (no filters to replace: its filter is easily cleanable and reusable).

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Designed to last, ADIONIS has no programmed obsolescence. Moreover, it purifies the incoming air without emitting toxic substances: no ozone or nitrogen oxides. Its innovative e-filtration electrofiltration technology makes it a reliable tool adapted to the hygiene requirements of homes.

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Before being assembled by Coferming, the e-filtration electrostatic precipitator is designed and manufactured at TEQOYA's plant (in the Bordeaux region). ADIONIS is made of assembled elements and raw materials mostly local to limit the carbon impact. The absence of filters to replace and the low power consumption make ADIONIS the most eco-friendly shutter among professional solutions.

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Sleek and discreet

Its sleek design, choice of durable materials, and size have been carefully studied to meet homes' aesthetic and discretion needs.

Do you have a project?

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The e-filtration technology used by ADIONIS is adaptable to various applications. TEQ'lab is TEQOYA's research team at the service of industrial partnerships. Are you interested in a co-innovation project? Contact us!

Any questions?

Consult our detailed FAQ or contact us!