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Step back in time and discover TEQOYA's story

Today, the team TEQOYA works together to provide you with healthy air. Discover our heritage and read our story.

A promising new technology

Jacques Breton, a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, has spent over 15 years studying the ionization of the air. It enabled him to develop a new technology for emitting a large amount of O2 ions, but not ozone. But air purification was out of time. Years later, on the advice of a friend, Pierre Guitton, whose daughter suffers from asthma, tested the system and experienced its benefits. Intrigued, he has pushed the analysis further and has performed a battery of tests.


These tests demonstrate the effectiveness of the process on the pollutants and its safety. The measurements show a very significant reduction in the concentration of particles and zero ozone emissions.

Enable the largest possible number to breathe easily clean air

Everyone should be able to breathe healthy air. But only a few benefit of conventional air purifiers, which are bulky and noisy and have filters that will need to be replaced. And air purification must not be done at the expense of the planet but for the benefit of people and environment! In light of this conviction, Pierre Guitton has decided to use the invention of Jacques Breton to develop easy to use air ionizers, which do not pollute and that are eco-responsible.

The launch of TEQOYA

In 2014, TEQOYA embarked on a mission to provide clean air while respecting the environment. Two years and two patents later, we introduced our first range of ionizers, made in France. Our air purifiers, made to run continuously and silently, that have no filters to replace, have endeared the Chinese.



TEQOYA - Why this name?

We choose the name "TEQOYA" because it blends tech and nature notions and evokes clean air. "TEQOYA" and "The air which brings health" are pronounced in the same way in Chinese. TEQOYA purifies the air we breath thanks to its Tip and Sequoia purifies it thanks to its needles. For the anecdote, we were hesitating between the names "Libellair" and "Ma Clairière" when one of us suggested the name "TEQOYA".


In closing, step back in time and discover the different logos that we may have chosen. We hope that you approve our choice!





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