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Communicate without polluting: even our website is eco-friendly

Did you know that by visiting the homepage of our website, you only emit 0.17 grams of CO2, the same as a high-speed train traveling 70 meters? 0.17 grams is very little, and it's the result of a search to reduce CO2 emissions on our website. The new TEQOYA website now limits its emissions, and we explain how in this article, follow us! 😊

Why develop an eco-friendly website?

We not only developed a new website, but one that is eco-friendly and coherent with our eco-friendly air purifiers. This choice means that our website is much more than a showcase of our activity. It is the symbol of our commitment to the ecological transition.🌳

Did you know that the propagation of digital technology has an ecological impact that is far from negligible? Digital is responsible for 2% to 4% of greenhouse gas emissions (twice as much as civil air transport, for example). Developing an eco-friendly website contributes to digital sobriety and reduces the carbon footprint while improving its efficiency.

"Less is better" is a relevant adage in the web domain. At a time when many websites are overloaded, we have chosen a few principles oriented toward a reasoned use of resources:

  • Simple

    With more accessible paths, we have reduced the number of pages and optimized the content of our website. It meets your essential needs without adding superfluous features.

  • Fast

    Media files (images, videos, documents...) have been compressed without losing quality. Also, videos are not automatically played. Thus, lighter and more efficient, the pages of our site load much faster.

  • Low energy consumption

    We have reduced the weight of our website pages as much as possible: our website went from 890Mb to 180Mb. We reduced the data flow, but also the energy consumption by the datacenters* to host them, and by the users to consult them.

  • User-oriented

    The browsing experience has been simplified by meeting the requirements of search engines (especially Google) in terms of the speed of page loading. It offers many advantages in terms of ergonomics, efficiency, and referencing.

Therefore, our website is eco-friendly from its creation to its design and operation. We put in practice the eco-development principles to reduce the use of resources without loss of performance and so make your navigation less energy-consuming.

And that's not all! An eco-friendly website is an asset for the user experience: share with us your impressions and suggestions during your first browsing.

Enjoy your visit on our new website!

*The datacenter that host TEQOYA website is one of the most energy-efficient globally.


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