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Asthma, Babies and Air Pollution

Asthma is a common chronic non-communicable disease that affects as many as 334 million people of all ages in all parts of the world (Source : Global Asthma Report-2014).

Air pollution is identified as one major trigger of asthma crises and allergies. Hence the importance of breathing a healthy air for your baby.

Actually, your newborn's lungs are not yet complete : they will keep on developing until it gets around 8 years old. Taking into account the fact that a baby spends most of its time indoor and that it breathes twice as much as an adult, the quality of the air it inhales is vital for its growth.

Maybe you think that baby is safe at home, in a quiet bubble, sheltered from outside noises, heat or cold, viruses, exhaust fumes and other pollutants...
In fact, it is not. Indoor air is 5 to 10 times more polluted than outside and you can easily find a average 30 different pollutants in a house.


In its cosy bedroom, baby not only inhales the outside air, more or less polluted depending on the place where you live, but also a wide variety of more and more famous polluting particles : VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) diffusing from walls, floors, furniture materials, cleaning products, cigarette smoke, and so on.

The most dangerous polluting particles are the tiniest as they are able to get to the very end of airways, reaching the lung alveoli (the millions of tiny air sacs in the lungs which are crucial for normal breathing). This can trigger lung diseases or preventing a normal lung developement at this early stage of life.

Those particles then travel to the blood system and can provoke cardiovascular problems by blocking the small blood vessels. Thus, they can lead to chronical bronchitis, asthma, lung cancer, cerebrovascular accidents, myocardial infarction.

What can I do to make my Home Sweet Home healthier ?

  • Regularly ventilate your home, preferably early in the morning or in the late evening. Do it even more if you are doing renovation or if you have brand new chipboard furniture
  • Take the time to reac cleaning products ingredients and make sure to pick up the simplest ones (white vinegar alcohol, THE universal cleaner
  • For your decoration : avoid objects or material where dust and mite love to accumulate, choose raw wood rather than chipboard furniture, natural material rather than carpet padding
  • Correctly check the smooth running of your combustion devices such as boilers
  • Regularly clean filters and air vents
  • Set up an air purifier in the room where your baby spends most of its time

To read more on indoor pollutants: Healthy Housing Reference Manual

TEQOYA air purifiers can help relieve asthma

Actually, they produce negative ions that eliminate polluting particles, even the tiniest (the most dangerous ones as they get into the deep ends of lungs and blood system.

Negative ions are naturally present in large quantities in the purest areas of nature and totally disappear in polluted or urban areas. Beyond their air cleaning ability, they neutralize viruses and bacteria. TEQOYA ionizers unique patented system diffuses a quantity of negative ions equivalent to the one that can be found close to a waterfall in the mountain, it's really like breathing in open air...

TEQOYA is THE natural, easy-to-live-with and environmental-friendly air purification solution

No filters to buy and change, a very low energy consumption (2W, less than a children night lamp), no detectible noise (baby can sleep peacefully, and so can you!) and absolutely NO OZONE production. In short, once they are plugged, you can forget about them. On top, they have a 10-year warranty and everything has been tested in independent laboratories.

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