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Do air purifiers help with dust mite allergies?

About 5 to 30% of the world's population show house dust mite sensitivity to skin test reactivity. [1] Body fragments, tiny particles, and waste from dust mites cause these allergies. How do you remove these allergens from the air? You're in the right place: let's look at the steps that can help you with dust mites in your living spaces.

Dust mite removal

Dust mites are invisible to the naked eye and yet are very present in living spaces. Darkness, heat, and humidity attract them. These insect-like parasites live in carpets, curtains, mattresses...

Unlike pet allergens that stay in the air, dust mite allergens settle quickly into dust or fabrics. Feeding on dust and debris that we shed on a daily basis (dead skin, hair, etc.), dust mites create harmful allergens from their body fragments and fecal pellets.

And if you have asthma or allergies, exposure to the critters can trigger your worse symptoms. About 40%-85% of patients who suffer from asthma and allergies are allergic to the house dust mite. This trend is observed in Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, and the United States. [2]

Here are the steps to help you with dust mites:

  • Open windows for at least 10 minutes per day to help remove humidity from the house and prevent locking irritants into rooms (especially when air purifiers aren't running!).
  • Use an exhaust fan in the kitchen, switch it on before preheating the oven or firing up the burners, and leave it running for a few minutes after you're done cooking.
  • Reducing pollutant sources: carpets, curtains, candles, wood fires, smoke...
  • When you dust, be sure to use a vacuum cleaner with a high-efficiency filter and a damp mop (or damp cloth) to reduce the amount of dust stirred up (send back) while cleaning. If you are allergic to dust mites, be sure to wear a filtering mask while cleaning.
  • And supplement all these steps with the use of an air purifier that can eliminate up to 99.9% of ultrafine particles and allergens.

Air purifiers for dust allergies

Most exposure to dust mite allergens happens when the dust is disturbed while making your bed or moving about the room. This can be an issue if you have curtains, carpets... An air purifier in your living spaces can help eliminate mite allergens before they have a chance to settle in the dust or carpets. And when considering an air purifier, it's best to avoid those energy-hungry devices with disposable filters.

Energy-efficient, low noise level, modern design, our new air purifier ALANA™ prevents sickness by eliminating air pollutants and allergens: ultrafine particles, viruses, pollen, spores, pet hair, cigarette smoke, cooking smells... Its reusable and washable filter is efficient in filtering dust, including dust mite allergens, and so can help relieve asthma and allergy symptoms.

“In facilities where we handle large quantities of samples, our team suffered from problems related to air pollution: stinging eyes and throat, and even allergic attacks. It was difficult for us to find a suitable solution for this department. ALANA™ seemed an interesting solution: compact, easy to install, and with a cleanable and reusable filter... So we equipped ourselves and the results are convincing: eyes and throats are much less irritated, and the team is delighted that we have taken care of the problem! Moreover, dust deposits on the shelves are less significant.”
- Geoffroy Dognin, Deputy Director of the company Lelièvre (Paris, France)

The installation of ALANA™ is very simple: just plug it in and choose the filtration speed according to your needs. Equipped with the technology patented by TEQOYA, the filtration rate of ALANA™ can be adjusted up to 5 levels. Its fan draws air inside the device. When the air passes through its filter, pollutants are captured. Clean air is then pushed back out into your living space. Whether it's the air in your living room, conference room, kitchen, bedroom... it will be freed from allergens and pollutants that are harmful to our health.

Another practical aspect: ALANA™ is equipped with a light sensor that detects when it's dark and the device switches to a night mode for a low noise level (22 decibels).

Ready to start your healthy and eco-friendly air journey? Click here to discover ALANA™, the ideal purifier for your living spaces.


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