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Meet the TEQOYA team: an interview with Emilien, Research and Development Manager (CTO)

Discover here more about the people who make TEQOYA. Today, Emilien, Research and Development Manager (CTO), tells us about his experience at TEQOYA.

Émilien graduated from ISEN Lille, in electronic/robotic engineering. After 5 years of electronic design in aeronautics, he joined TEQOYA in December 2020. At that time, Emilien was planning to create his own company. That's why he had started to develop his activity on YouTube; it's actually through one of his videos that we spotted him.

“The CEO of TEQOYA contacted me and described the great variety of activities of TEQOYA's sector; I immediately realized how diverse and captivating this field was and that I could make the difference!”.

Passionate about technology, Emilien particularly enjoys having a direct impact on product development within TEQOYA. Living in the North of France where he has a laboratory, Emilien regularly travels to Villandraut to meet, exchange and co-create with the team there.

As R&D manager, Emilien has diversified missions: the design of new products, the research for raw materials, the analysis of test results, the design of electronic boards which includes the supervision of mechanics and software... This gives him the opportunity to collaborate closely with internal and external interlocutors at TEQOYA (product designers, subcontractors, customers...). There is no doubt that Emilien's missions require a strong investment, as the workload in R&D is huge.

Our R&D manager overcomes challenges without losing sight of TEQOYA's growth potential: "When I have an idea for future developments, I write it down for discussion... I spend my whole day in the lab; when I look up, it's already 8 pm and I haven't seen the time go by. I see the company evolve, having the impression that I can make a difference with my ideas, my choices, my work...", he says.

LEmilien's unforgettable moment: "The finalization of our new product was filled with challenges and, above all, great successes! I won't forget the day we passed the tests with flying colors. A great day!" Today, his main goal is to successfully finish the development of the new product line. In the future, Emilien hopes to be able to continue the research and also evolve our air ionizers. "There is still a lot of work and many great opportunities; and I'm pursuing that!"

What if you were...

  • A character from a series/movie: MacGyver
  • A music: the theme from Zelda
  • An object : his Swiss Army knife
  • A super power : to be able to duplicate yourself indefinitely
  • A motto : DIY

Find here the interview of Emilien in video format. See you soon!


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