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Group Beaumanoir in China uses the TEQOYA ionizers to clean air!

Since this summer, employees of Group Beaumanoir in Shanghai breathe a healthier air, purified by our TEQOYA air purifiers.


Created in 1981 by Roland Beaumanoir, Group Beaumanoir is a leading player in ready-to-wear clothing in France. From its home port of Saint-Malo to the Asia's doors in Shanghai, Group Beaumanoir dresses men and women in the colors of its brands: Cache Cache, BRÉAL, Bonobo, Scottage and Morgan.

In China, where air pollution is a public health concern, the Group Beaumanoir offices are now equiped with TEQOYA air purifiers. Romain Millet, CEO of Beaumanoir in China, stated his decision:


Air pollution is an important issue in China, particularly in Shanghai.
When I became CEO of Beaumanoir Garments in China, almost two years ago, I quickly decided to equip our offices with air purifiers. 400 people work in 2000m2 of office space, and it is the responsibility of the company to protect them and guarantee their well-being at work. We launched a request for proposal from a number of companies specialised in air purification and, utimately, selected TEQOYA for 3 reasons:
- Their ionization technology, soundproof and not very visible compared to devices with filters
- Their extremely low operating and maintenance costs
- Their support and commitment
Performance results after installation are most encouraging since air pollution has been divided by three, which is remarkable for large high ceiling spaces. My teams are fully satisfied, and so am I.

Indoor air quality in office building

Most people spend seven to eight hours a day in an an office environment. The air we breathe affects our health and our well-being.

Indoor air is 5 to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air. Exposure to high doses of pollutants can result in itching eyes, irritation of the nose, sore throat, or even nausea and coughing. In the long run, the effects are more pernicious: respiratory disorders, cardiovascular diseases, cancers ...1

Air pollution reduces productivity:

  • It threatens the health of employees, especially those with asthma or affected with allergies, and increases absenteeism (in connection with sick leave).2
  • It can increase dissatisfaction, in particular among visitors.3
  • A recent Chinese study suggests that productivity is reduced by 10-15 percent during high air pollution episodes.4
  • Another study carried out by a Harvard professor suggests that poor air quality affects the cognitive qualities of employees.5This conclusion is consistent with the results of the assessment of the impact of environmental pollution on the cognitive development of schoolchildren in the area of Barcelona.6

The open spaces of Beaumanoir are vast, open, with high ceilings (3,5 m). Our Tip24 air purifiers are installed on the ceiling, at the rate of one per 25 m2. They have been strategically placed close to the workplaces.


This solution has two main advantages:

  • The workspaces does not take too much place.
  • The employees are close to the ionizers, so there is no need to purify the total volume of air in all spaces - common devices with filters would require an extremely high airflow to purify such large volume.

In addition, TEQOYA provides a maintenance service, to ensure the sustainable performance of our products. To check the effectiveness of the solution, two measurement campaigns were carried out at one week interval. During each campaign, the level of indoor air pollution, with and without TEQOYA ionizer, was measured, leaving only 2 hours to ionise the air of the spaces. With more than 60 measurement points each, these two campaigns have shown the same purification performance: particulate pollution has been divided by three in the premises of Group Beaumanoir!

The TEQOYA ionizers prove their efficiency in work areas after they have proven themselves worthwhile at home!


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