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Meet the TEQOYA team: interview with Isabelle, Marketing Project Manager

Discover here more about the people who make TEQOYA. Today, Isabelle, Marketing Project Manager, tells us about her experience of more than 6 years at TEQOYA.

Isabelle is a graduate of ICD Paris Business School, specializing in digital marketing. During college, she spent two years in Shanghai (China) and two years in Paris (France). She made an internship in an agency in China that help her discover more about digital marketing and finally made her decide to specialize in this field.

Isabelle joined TEQOYA, as the first employee, at the very beginning of our adventure (in 2016). She discovered TEQOYA somewhat by chance during her work experience research. She immediately liked the concept of the products; it must be said that in China, she was used to using air purifiers, so she immediately saw the innovation behind TEQOYA products.

“As soon as the founder of TEQOYA introduced me to the products, I immediately saw that they had a lot of potential. And because it's a small company, I felt quite free very quickly. There was everything to do to develop the brand and that was really interesting for me.“

As a marketing project manager, Isabelle has a wide range of tasks. This allows her to work more closely with different people inside and outside TEQOYA (graphic designers, suppliers, etc.). Moreover, a large part of her tasks are related to operational marketing: developing customer offers through digital marketing, referencing on Google, and partnerships. She is also directly involved in the sales of distributors in France and Asia in particular.

“I like being responsible for a task from A to Z, which means seeing the results of what I do. We participate in many projects, we give ideas... We are free to propose what we find interesting and to carry it out. Afterward, it's complicated to explain concretely what I do on a daily basis because every day is different. There is no such thing as a typical day at TEQOYA.“

TEQOYA products are very different from standard air purifiers. So it is very rewarding for her to get positive feedback from customers in which they tell her about their experiences with the products. "It gives me a real sense of the impact of my work... Receiving praise for products that you put your heart and soul into is very motivating," she says.

A success story that has impressed Isabelle? TEQOYA's participation in a major trade fair in China: she had to take care of all the organization while she was still on a work-study program, proof that people quickly trusted her! For the future, Isabelle has a goal that is close to her heart: to continue to accompany the growth and evolve at the same time as TEQOYA.

If you were...

A character from a series/film: Piglet

A song: "Hakuna Matata", by Elton John and Tim Rice

An object: Chocogrenouille

A superpower: teleportation

A motto: “I could be a morning person... If only the morning started around noon”.

“I've really seen its evolution from the beginning to now... It's interesting to see how far we've come, starting from scratch and now our products are marketed in around twenty countries.”

Find on our Youtube channel Isabelle's interview in video format. See you soon!


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