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Meet the TEQOYA team: an interview with Pascal, R&D Developer

Discover here more about the people who make TEQOYA. Today, Pascal, an R&D Developer, tells us about his experience within TEQOYA.

A trained communication electronics technician, Pascal has been with TEQOYA since the beginning (2015). After working at the French Post, he joined Info-Systel (the ancestor of TEQOYA), based in Villandraut (near Bordeaux, France).

“Info-Systel developed the first air ionizers. It was a very small series; we sold about a hundred devices per year more or less... Pierre installed one of these devices in his daughter's bedroom, who had many respiratory problems. He was very happy with the improvement of her health... He came to see us and that's when the TEQOYA adventure began!”.

Pascal is a mainstay of our team, with over 30 years of professional experience. With TEQOYA, he has seen the ionizers strongly evolve in performance and design. "Pierre brought new blood and a different vision. The old boss still follows us, and helps us with new products."

Passionate about electronics, Pascal develops our new air purification solutions equipped with our new e-filtration technology, electronic and reusable filters: the air purifier ALANA and the air inlet filters.

“R&D is a team effort. A lot of information must be shared on the evolution of the products' performances, and functional needs... I often work on the electronic part with Emilien, our beloved CTO. We design and improve the electronic cards of our air purification solutions.”.

For our new air purifier ALANA, Pascal develops more particularly the IT part: the software (firmware) of the microcontrollers that we find inside... And still jointly with Emilien, he does the programming and the electronic circuits (CAD) for the air inlet filters. Pascal also contributes to the follow-up of production management: the after-sales cases and related technical problems. No doubt, Pascal is a jack of all trades! :)

Pascal shares that he had a hard time adapting to working remotely with Emilien... TEQOYA's CTO, Emilien, lives in the North of France where he has a laboratory. But he regularly travels to Villandraut to meet, exchange, and co-produce with the team there.

“Working with someone who is 800 km away is not that easy. Anyways, it was my experience. I'm not exactly young... I've been working for a long time! At first, I had my doubts... will we make it? And finally, it's all going very well. I'm pretty happy about that!“

Pascal's unforgettable moment: “The launch of the novel Air Purifier ALANA... the TEQOYA air ionizers have been greatly improved, but it is not quite an innovation. ALANA and the air inlet filters are unique. And that was nice... I appreciated it!“

Watch here Pascal's interview. See you soon!


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