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TEQOYA air purifiers in business class

A few days ago, Télévision française 1 (TF1) broadcast a program on the very private lounges at Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport. This is where Air France is making considerable efforts to attract more and more French and international customers in business class. Services, comfort, well-being, and luxurious... are the keywords that compete to attract a clientele that is as wealthy as it is demanding.

You may wonder why this introduction, which at first glance is of little concern to TEQOYA. However, loyal users of the TEQOYA T200 and/or 450. In this interview, you'll discover the sumptuous decor of the business lounges at Roissy Charles de Gaulle that Air France makes available to its Premium customers between flights. And at the corner of a mouth-watering buffet, cozy bedrooms, a spa, or a treatment room worthy of the greatest hotels, you will see TEQOYA air purifiers!

The story begins in early 2019 when Air France renovated its largest VIP lounge located at Roissy airport. This clientele, who pays three or four times the price of a second class ticket, is highly prized and the subject of all the attention of airlines around the world. For the price of the ticket, they are entitled to all kinds of benefits in flight and in transit.

Ozone-free air purifier TEQOYA & Air France
Ozone-free air purifier TEQOYA & Air France
Ozone-free air purifier TEQOYA & Air France
Ozone-free air purifier TEQOYA & Air France

At the time, TEQOYA was four years old and inaugurated its new range of air purifiers with innovative technology and an aesthetic and discreet design. As a youngster among already well-established brands, TEQOYA was selected by Air France to equip its lounges where the quality of the air we breathe is a must.

That's how we placed 50 TEQOYA units in these lounges, which are synonymous with innovation and well-being; our products had to be in harmony with the design, silence, and effectiveness 24/7.

TThree years later, having our products on TF1 in a setting that means the French touch of comfort and good taste is something to celebrate that I couldn't resist sharing with you! :)

Behind this smile, I find myself dreaming of other partnerships to equip places that welcome the public and give importance to well-being. Our know-how in the service of your health and comfort also includes partnerships that combine advice, delivery, and installation to provide personalized support for our clients.

In the meantime, board immediately in Air France's business class lounges where everyone can breathe air purified by TEQOYA products... naturally!



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