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Preserve the health of nursing home residents and staff with TEQOYA

At the heart of the health crisis, a nurse working in a nursing home contacted us to ask for support in equipping their common rooms with our air purifiers. Here is what she said: "Given the health situation and the pressure created, we are looking for something to encourage and boost the morale of our teams during this fight". We accepted his proposal and wanted to extend the initiative to other nursing homes.

TEQOYA makes its air purifiers available to equip nursing homes

This year, for all purchases made on our site until 31 December, TEQOYA will donate 20€ to equip several nursing homes with our air purifiers.

Commit yourself to us: by buying a TEQOYA air purifier, you are taking care of yourself and your loved ones and you are also helping to improve the well-being of the residents and carers of the nusing homes.

We have received a message from the team of nursing home " Le Parc Fleuri de Flers en Escrebieux " :

A big thank you on behalf of the entire nursing home team in TEQOYA for a donation of purifiers. They are beautiful, space-saving and silent and will be very beneficial for the residents and staff. We would also like to thank Nurse Lucas Sandrine for the initiative !

TEQOYA helps preserve the health of older people and carers

Senior residents are particularly sensitive to the quality of the air they breathe. This is why it is essential to pay special attention to them in order to preserve their health and that of the professionals who work there. at their side.

TEQOYA air ionisers are particularly suitable for air purification in nursing homes :

  • They are completely silent and draught-free
  • They do not require filters: no maintenance to be done by staff
  • They neutralise up to 99% of ultrafine particles and germs
  • They are designed to operate permanently (3€ of electricity consumption per year).
  • They are safe : they do not produce any oxidising gases or secondary pollutants
  • They are made in France and have a 10 year guarantee

In addition, the TEQOYA air purifier is an effective solution that complements barrier gestures to reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19, especially in a space with a high occupancy rate. To find out more, read our article on the subject

Health professionals trust TEQOYA

Many medical practices and several companies have approached us during the crisis period we are going through. Dental centres, osteopathic and physiotherapy practices have adopted TEQOYA air purifiers. Read their testimonials on our article.


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