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Meet the TEQOYA team: Louis' portrait, R&D engineer

We invite you to discover the one behind the conception of the little surprise slipped into the packages during the 2021 Christmas promotions.😉

Here you will find more about those who make TEQOYA. Today, it's Louis, our R&D engineer, who opens the doors of his lab and tells us about his experience at TEQOYA.

Louis started in March 2021. After studying engineering at ICAM Toulouse, he joined the TEQOYA R&D team. Today, his main mission is the mechanical design of new TEQOYA air purifiers from the first prototypes to the industrialized product.

His responsibilities range from planning and monitoring the assembly of prototypes/products to the production of spare parts, and managing the procurement of resources from our suppliers. "My goal? To participate in the evolution of TEQOYA by doing a job I enjoy!"

"Here, I work at the very heart of the Research & Development process with all the unexpected things that go with it... In November, for example, we had to redo a test campaign to improve the performance of a new product because we were not sufficiently satisfied with the results. It was a bit last minute. So it wasn't easy, but we came through it well in the end."

Louis started during a challenging period when many new products were being developed simultaneously. His integration was nevertheless facilitated by a young and dynamic team that believes in what they do.

"We're lucky to have a fairly synergistic team that complements each other so well. We are not all on the same site; but despite the distance and the compulsory home office, I think we managed all the constraints well! Moreover, to reinforce our team spirit, everyone met for a seminar in early autumn in a pleasant place; for me, it was an unforgettable moment!"

Portrait chinois

What if you were...

  • A character from a series/film: Jimmy Neutron
  • A music : Le Sud by Nino Ferrer
  • An object: Trotec Speedy 360
  • A superpower: teleportation
  • A motto: "Slow and steady wins the race."

Find on our Youtube channel Louis' interview in video format. See you soon!


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